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Eagle Bank Assignments 1. Type of crime * Scenario 1 is economic crime which is the illegal acts committed in order to achieve economic gain. * Scenario 2 is white collar crime. The person used his economic power for some purpose of illegal gain and also committed illegal act for personal gain.

2. Subject * Scenario1: suspects are the individual A,B and C * Scenario2: suspect is Smith

3. Victims * Scenario1: * the bank’s employees and customers, * customers who deposit money in the bank, * FDIC which insures the bank * Scenario2: * Smith’s family because the business profits were their financial source, * the bank because they lend money but may not collect the money back, * the store employees because they may lose their jobs * customers of the store. 4. Scenario1: * The damage would be the economic loss of $2,300 * bank’s reputation because customers may feel unsafe to go to that bank.
* the 1 million dollar Smith borrowed from bank but cannot return, * the extra money that needs to spend on the repair of the building * attorney fees 5. Witnesses: * Scenario1: * the bank employees, * the customers who were in the bank during the robbery, * people who were within the visible area and saw what happened in the bank and the escape * Scenario2: * banks’ staffs who reviewed his financial status and rejected his application, * Eagle Bank’s staffs who reviewed his application, * the accounting firm which vouched his financial statements, * the accounting staff in his store

6. Evidence * Scenario1: * the CCTV video recorded by the bank camera, * the ski masks wore by the robbers, * the red dye pack, * the handgun, * the vehicle they drove to escape, * maybe footprints or hair or something they left on the floor, their fingerprints, * Scenario2: * The financial statements of UFF; * The application materials(basically financial statements) Smith handed to the previous banks which rejected him; * the application material he handed to Eagle Bank, his family tax reports, * the talk recordings if available between Smith and the bank staff; * the purchase contract of the building; * related material about the building fire;

7. Potential charges * Scenario1: * pay for the damage of the money $2300. * And they will be sent to sentence, * assault with a deadly weapon, * Scenario2: * return the 1 million dollar money he borrowed from bank * pay fines for violating the financial regulations, * money laundering, * falsifying document, * bankruptcy charge fees

8. Investigating bodies * Scenario1: The police or FBI, the bank management * Scenario2: FBI, auditors, bank management, police, forensic accountants

9. Media coverage: * Scenario 1: local news, TV, paper, because it is an exciting and blue collar crime would receive more media attention because people tend to consider robbery is a much more serious violation although the amount of damage may be much less than the financial fraud damage. * Scenario2: local financial publication
But scenario 2 is more like a personal case and fraud and its public influence is less material than scenario 1.Scenario 1 is more about a public crime which may influence the community safety

10. How the fraud triangle might apply * Scenario 1: * Pressure: The three criminals may go through stressful financial problems and these problems can be directly solved by getting more money, eg. Gambling loss or drug or unemployed * Opportunity: The bank lack enough security protection; they have weapons; they worked in a group which makes the robbery easier to succeed * Rationalization: They think they wore masks, left no evidence and finished the robbery very fast so it is very hard for the police to catch them. * Scenario 2: * Pressure: Smith wanted to diversify his business continue to give his family a comfortable life * Opportunity: He can take advantage of his current business to get more money; auditing is not strict to personal business so he can inflate the financial statements easily; it is very promising to earn money from the building rental business. The risk of loss is very low. * Rationalization: He thinks the money will be earned back by the rental profits and it is very possible to return the borrowed money and also earn more profits from these two businesses.

11. Other information you deem relevant * Scenario 1: The information of the vehicle, such as the car number, appearance of the car, the possible highway that the car may follow, the brand of the red pack, * Scenario 2: The reason why Smith wanted to diversify his business.

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