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Effective Commuications

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Effective Communication Paper

Teresa Moody


March 9, 2015

Scott Mann

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Communication, something that is done on a daily basis. It is two or more people who convey information. The sender first has an idea, which is composed of a message and then transmitted to the other party, who interprets the message and receives meaning. Sometimes the communication is effective, but not efficient.

The Process of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication and the Associated Components of eachTelephone conversations are just one form of verbal communication. Verbal and Nonverbal communications are the backbone of society. (A.E. Hurt) Verbal communication involves speaking whereas nonverbal is the body language a person gives and usually is not aware that they are doing this. You can separate the two but often they go hand in hand. It begins with the person (the sender) who starts the communication, the message they send and the person (the receiver) who receives the message. (A.E. Hurt) Nonverbal communication is done face to face since it is body language you must be able to see the person to see what kind of body language they put out, and their facial expressions when speaking. Nonverbal communication can say a lot about a person when they speak. They have a particular tone of their voice, do they look angry, happy. This is where both verbal and nonverbal communication come together you're your face to face or at least visible you can hear the speaker and also see the tone in their voice by body language. The facial expressions, the pitch of their voice, you can tell whether they are happy, sad, angry, in control, confident, you can understand many things through nonverbal communication.

Differences Between Listening and Hearing in Communication

Is a person really listening to you when he

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