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Effects of Not Eating Healthy


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It is hard difficult to get develop good habits started when our society puts places so much value in fast and easy because there is nothing fast or easy about living a healthy lifestyle and losing weight. This paper will work to provepresents the hypothesis that people who eat healthy and exercise are more likely to live more active lives than those who do not. Fast food chains advertise cheap and quick family dinners that play to the public's desire to get what they are getting and move on. Technology today putsplaces convenience ats the top priority. Shopping online has reached an all new level, and anything can be purchased online from clothes and accessories to groceries. What incentive do people have to leave their couch when they can have dinner delivered for cheap and have all their needs dropped on their doorstep? Dollar menu's fill the airwaves, and while most fast food chains like McDonald's and Chik-fil-A post the calorie count on their menu board it is hard difficult not to notice see that the more expensive items are the lowest calorie items. Salads are often three times the cost of a value menu hamburger and fries (cite). At the grocery store, the scene situation is much the same. There are frequently sales on hHigh calorie, high sodium, or high sugar goods are often far more inexpensive, while the produce and healthy options are significantly more (cite). For people struggling to make ends meet the obvious choice will be the cost effective one. Sometimes the choice to eat healthy is made by the cost of the food and not by the desire to be healthy or unhealthy. In this, the 21st century, society is very technology technologically focused. People spend hours a day sitting in front of a computer for work or a television for entertainment. Smart phones and tablets make it possible to have log onto thethe world wide webWorld Wide Web at any given moment. Even in the gym people are more likely to be plugged into headphones listening to music while lifting weights, or watching Netflix while running on the treadmill. Technology has made even healthy activities less about the activity and more like a chore. Being still sedentary can cause many health issues (cite). Recently in Ohio there was an outbreak of mMersa through the high schools (cite). One woman's death was caused by the blood clots that formed while she was bed ridden and not actually from the sickness itself (cite). Being inactive can also increase risk of developing diseases such as diabetes, or obesity and being active can reduce and even relieve some of those symptoms (Physical Activity, 2009). Although the initial cost of being healthier is higher than the alternative, the long term affects effects are cost effective. The old saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" says it best;. Iif you live a healthy and active lifestyle, it is less likely one would have to visit a physician and purchase medication (cite). will keep you out of the doctor's office saving you money on costs from co-pays to prescriptions. Medical insurance also tends to be less expensive when you are healthy (cite). Additionally, Eemployers may offer credits for taking a health assessment or being a non smokernonsmoker. Life insurance is also usually based on health or the likelihood the insurance will be used at all. (cite). Diet and exercise can help to manage many disorders. Irritable Bowl Syndrome is commonly triggered by food, allergies, and stress (Picco, 2013). People can monitor their diet and stress level by living a healthier lifestyle and help to keep their IBS under control. Stress can be managed with exercise and would help in keeping symptoms at bay. It takes effort and hard work to take notice of your stress level and to acknowledge what steps can be taken to make yourself healthier. Since IBS has no real treatment, it is imperative that people who suffer from this disorder take responsibility for their health decisions (Picco, 2013). The Journal of the American Heart Association released a study that television watching more than any other sedentary activity is directly related to higher all cause mortality (Basterra‐Gortari, 2014). The authors researched different types of sedentary activities including driving and computer use, but television had the highest impact on the results of their research (Basterra‐Gortari, 2014). With households having more than one television on average it is socially acceptable to spend hours with families sitting and watching. Past generations spent their time playing and talking getting social experiences with other people. Even children's television shows today express the importance of physical interaction. Girl Meets World released an episode that the kids were required to give up their cell phones and actually talk to each other and to complete a project. They were not aloudallowed to use technology to do the research,research; they made a joke out of how little use the library sees. In the end the kids in the show learned that technology cannot provide the same connection that actually talking to someone can. In conclusion, although it is easy and cheap to be unhealthy, the benefits of eating right and staying active will give people more fulfilling lives allowing them to save money long term and manage their ailments.

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