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Dear Student:
Thank you for letting me know the problem you got with your study, I am fully understand your confuse about how to write your assignment.This is the advice that I want to give you.

About how academic integrity officer know you are copying ,first you need to know it is wrong to copy other work,second is Turnitin.Turnitin is a checking system around the world ,which is provide plagiarism prevention service used by millions of students and faculty. It help to manage the process of submitting and tracking papers electronically.It is also a system with a large amount of database to prevent student to copy others assignment. Therefore the system can easily found out which part of writing is not come from your own.

The reason that Turnitin is used in many country around the world is that Turnitin can help course instructor to identify the paper that student submitted is copied or not .which help them to check the paper efficiency.But I doesn't mean you cant copy, it means that you need to referencing after you copied.

University care about the copy right , we can use the idea and information from others work but we can't copy it.To respect their work,we need to referencing,by mention where we copy and which information we used . When you writing your assignment ,you have to provide evidence and information ,to prove the information is…...