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Emerging Trends in Electronic Commerce

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Emerging Trends in Electronic Commerce and Internet Marking

Emerging Trends in Electronic Commerce and Internet Marking
Over the past couple of years, electronic commerce and internet marking has taken huge strides in the average life of an everyday person. In recent years, the number of consumers purchasing items online as taken a heavy rise, it is without a doubt, one of the fastest growing industries. Online shopping has been a booming trend, particularly in the United States, “Americans spent more than $200 billion on online shopping in 2011 and are expected to shell out $327 billion on Internet stores by 2016”. (Indivik, 2013) Internet marketing has a direct effect the billions of dollars that online websites makes. The more advertisements you have on the World Wide Web, the more people are going to stop and visit for sight and probably make a purchase. Since Electronic commerce is a huge thing in recent years, companies have been working to make your online shopping experience better and there are a couple of emerging trends geared towards the improvements of e- commerce and internet marking.

Note Adapted from Forrester: U.S. Online Retail Sales to Hit $370 Billion by 2017,” by Lauren Indvik, 2013.
One of the trends that probably anybody can predict in the future is using mobile and android apps for transactions. With mobile technology getting more advance year by year and the climbing number of people who can’t stay off their phones, I would have say, and this is something I actually expect. With the amount of mobile devices outnumbering the amount of desktops, they is going to cause more people to use a mobile device to purchase something online instead of using a desktop. Since the number of consumers who will use a mobile device will increase greatly in the future, websites must act like any app and must be very responsive in terms of design .Even…...

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