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Employer-Employee Relations

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Employer-Employee Relations Quiz The Little Lamb Company is in need of programmers. They decide to enter into a contract with Mary, a programmer, for a project that they need to complete. As the project is coming close to completion the company has a new project starting that requires Mary’s services and decided to continue with her services. After two years the company experiences budget cuts and Mary is asked to leave. Thirty days later the company acquires a new contract that requires Mary’s services again. She is not asked to return and the company’s supervisor hires his cousin, who is equally qualified, in place of Mary. The following will look at Mary’s case and determine if she has been legally let go or if the company has violated her contract.
Independent Contractor or Employee When Little Lamb Company began the employ of Mary’s services they entered a contract with her. This makes Mary an independent contractor. No clear definitions of her contractor are given but the contract itself is a binding legal document that the company must uphold. When the initial project is closing the company retains Mary for a new project. This project requires Mary working closer with supervisors and following a regular schedule set by the company. This can be seen as the company hiring Mary as a regular employee, changing her status from an independent contractor to a regular employee. Her contract did not specify a length of employment so she was not an indefinite employee. Her contract neither implies that she will be hired on for future projects, and the company is not obligated to do so if a project arises.
Employment at Will
The Employment at Will Doctrine was designed to help protect both companies and employees who have entered into an agreement with each other for employment. This doctrine states that the employee must not have a written contract and must not...

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