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Essay About Lowering The Drinking Age

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There are 3 reasons to why I don’t think they should lower the drinking age. My 1st reason is that there would be a lot more drunk driving. The percentage of people drunk driving has decreased since 1984 when they made drinking age 21 again. Anybody that does not drink until age 21 tends to drink less as adults which could cause less drunk driving. In the United States in 2007, about 1,400 teens die from drunk-driving accidents. An estimated 32% of fatal car crashes involve a drunk driver. My 2nd reason to why drinking age should not be lowered is that there would be less violent behavior from people. If they lowered the age to 18 there would probably be twice as much violent behavior. Members from the National institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism states that 86 percent of homicide offenders, 37 percent of …show more content… states that 44% of college kids that attend 4 year colleges end up binge drinking. Binge drinking occurs after 4 drinks for woman and 5 drinks for men in about 2 hours. Alcohol poisoning is a serious or even deadly consequence. The doctors from Mayo Clinic stats that drinking a lot of alcohol can affect your heart rate, breathing, body temperature and gag reflex and can lead to a coma or death, Fox News reports found that 157 college-age individuals drank themselves to death from 1999 through 2005.

Overall, I am opposed to lowering the legal drinking age. The following could occur if you do drink under the age: Violent Behavior, Negative Health related issues, and Drunk

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...Brendan Michael ENGL 1104: Written English I Professor Beighley 09-23-14 Minor Essay #2 When it comes to the subject of lowering the drinking age, many speculations have been made, both positive and negative. Ohio legislature should take into account both view points. A positive being a drastic reduction in binge drinking among the American population. A negative is the fear of higher death rates due to alcohol poisoning. The drinking age should be lowered and Americans should take charge and know their limit. The drinking age in America has been under speculation for many years now and even though the law is set for 21, there are still minors abusing their availability to the stimulant. One can argue that the law shouldn’t be 21 and should be reduced for many reasons. On the contrary others believe that it just might be the right age if not too low already. Many people disagree with lowering it because of the lack of maturity in young adults, the number of increasing injuries, deaths related to drinking alcohol, and also that effects of long time drinking on the body. Citizens of the United States tend to be rather opinionated on this particular issue for some of the above reasons. These lobbyers for the lowering of drinking age and the ones who think the age of consumption should stay the same are very passionate about their side of this issue as well. Many Americans agree that young students right out of high school are not to full maturity even though many of the students...

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