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Writing Purpose

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Separating Ideas and Shaping Content

Writing Paragraphs
1. 2. 3. 4.



Identify the differences between summary, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation paragraphs Identify the content in writing paragraphs Demonstrate how audience and tone influence content Apply purpose, audience, tone, and content to a specific assignment

Imagine reading a poorly written review of a movie that you would like to see this weekend. You cannot follow the characters, action, or conflict because the author of the review rambles on and on. Without clear paragraphs, this review will likely lose your interest, and you may skip the movie altogether! When you are the writer, it is helpful to position yourself as a reader. Ask yourself whether you can focus easily on each point you make. Effective writers use a single paragraph for each new idea they introduce. Paragraphs separate ideas into logical, manageable, and distinct units. Each paragraph focuses on only one main idea and presents coherent sentences to support that single point. Because all the sentences in one paragraph support the same point, a paragraph may stand on its own. Each paragraph is shaped by Purpose: the reason why the writer composes the paragraph. < Tone: the attitude the writer conveys about the paragraph’s subject. < Audience: the individual or group whom the writer intends to address. < Content: the written material in the paragraph.



To create longer assignments and to discuss more than one point, writers group together paragraphs and link them together with transitions. The assignment’s purpose, audience, and tone dictate the content, which determines what paragraphs cover and how each will support a main point. The main point of the paragraph is the message you want to share with the

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