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The little wonders in life

Nike Air Force 1, Nike Jordans 3 Firered, Nike Air Max 1, Adidas Tech Super W, New Balance RC400, Nike Roshe Run and so on.

To me, shoes are not just shoes. I think you can identify a woman by her shoes. It’s different what kinds of shoes you are wearing – you can wear sneakers, high heels, boots and so on. I’m not a typical girl, who loves to wear high heels and dress up. I like sneakers, and casual clothing. When I was little, every time my family and I had to go to a party or a celebration, I always refused to wear anything else than my jeans and my sneakers.
My mother always tried to convince me that if I didn’t wear something prettier, she would leave me home alone. But that never happened, and I was a stubborn child.

100 pounds, 150 pounds, 200 pounds… It’s not a cheap passion, but that doesn’t stop me from loving shoes or buying them. Unless my bank account shows something else of course.
I always buy my own sneakers, because my mother is so much against flats. She is so unlike me, when it comes to this. She loves high heels, and doesn’t wear anything else.
On the other side, we are very similar. We look a lot like each other, and it happens once in a while, that people think she’s my older sister. But that was mostly when I was younger.

I’ve shopped and searched in a lot of countries, to find the sneakers I wanted. It takes a lot of time and energy, and often I have to pay double just to have it delivered to Denmark.
I’ve been in Britain to shop for shoes, and it was so much cheaper than in Denmark. I was so overwhelmed by the prices, that I had to buy 7 pair of sneakers. It’s kind of a habit to me, because I really believe that it’s something I need. They are necessary and there will always be at least one pair I just can’t live without.


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