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Learners of English have to deal with unfamiliar vocabulary during their language acquisition. Traditionally, vocabulary has not been a particular subject for students to learn, but has been taught within lessons of speaking, lstening, reading, and writing. Vocabulary knowledge involves more than knowing word definitions and knowing how to find the meanings of unknown words and phrases, interpret literal vs. non-literal language and understand shades of word meaning. It also creates better reading comprehension and the ability to engage, produce and talk about texts. Students who know more words and can also use them in the right context have a significant advantage in school and can continue using that skill to their advantage in college and career. Students can use of note taking to progress learning vocabulary. Note-taking is the practice of recording information captured from another source (Carter, John F.; Van Matre, Nicholas H. 1975).Vocabulary is one of five core components of reading instruction that are essential to successfully teach children how to read. These core components include phonemic awareness, phonics and word study, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension (Nation, 2001).
The concept of a word can be defined in various ways, but three significant aspects need to be aware of and focus on are form, meaning, and use. …show more content…
As a result, L2 learners are acting and playing as planner, organizer, administrator, thinker, self-assessor, self-motivator, partner of other learners, and peer assessor; while the teachers and instructors are information provider, counselor, authentic language user, manager, materials writer, assessor, evaluator, administrator, and organizer (Gardner & Miller 1999, Reinders,

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