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Awareness and adoption of Robotics Education among school students
1Dr.S.Selvabaskar, 2R.Ramya Priya
1Associate professor, School of management, SASTRA University.
2Student, IIndyear MBA, SASTRA University,
Thirumalaisamudram, Tanjavur, Tamilnadu, India

Android Robo is a multi-disciplinary Robotics programme that has been specially tailored to teach young school students, the basics of Robotics. Basics of Robotics include Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and Programming which encourage students to make connections across all these disciplines. The aim of this study was to find out the awareness and adoption of Robotics among school students. A questionnaire with variables enquiring about the profile, awareness about Robotics, interest to learn about Robotics in their curriculum and capacity to handle Robotics as a subject was administered to 150 respondents. Convenience sampling method was used to …show more content…
• Pamphlets are an effective media to create awareness of the subject.
Hence the company can develop many such colorful pamphlets including the success story of the students to inspire the other students to pursue Robotics course. This will create more demand for educating children on this subject at the school level. It is noted that considerable numbers of Students have become aware on the Robotics Education through online media. Hence company should try to make use of available famous websites to advertise on the Robotic Education and its applications provided by the company
• Some of the schools do not have any kind of good knowledge about robotics education, which would be an added advance technology for them to launch in the curriculum of the schools with latest technology to capture the maximum market

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