Ethical Dilemma Assignment

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Thank you for being willing to take part in this interview exploring ethical conflict or turbulence. I would like to transcribe the content of this interview to form a written document to be submitted to Sheffield Hallam University as a piece of assessed piece of coursework. It is important that you only take part in this interview if you want to. As such I would be delighted if you would complete and sign this confidentiality questionnaire prior to the interview taking place.

(i) In general terms are you willing to take part in this interview: and an edited transcript of the interview submitted to Sheffield Hallam?
(ii) Are you happy for your own name to be used in the transcript: or do you want the final transcript to written up with a pseudonym?
Own name
(iii) Are you happy for the names of other people and organisations to be used in the final transcript: or do you want all other names to be content of this transcription to be submitted to Sheffield Hallam?
(iv) Are you happy for me to submit the final transcript without you reviewing it - or do you want to reserve the right to see the final transcript before I submit?
Submit unseen
(v) Sometimes the ethical dilemmas described in these transcripts provide real life case studies that can be helpful to show other students, and can provide rich data for research projects. Would you be willing for this transcript to be used in further teaching or research - or would you prefer the transcript to be solely used in the submission of an assessed piece of coursework?
Limit to coursework submission
Signed: Kian Hashempour.
Date: 21/01/2013

Your help, and wisdom, is much valued. Any queries should be directed to

Ethical Dilemma Assignment: The Interview
Kian: Hello there.
Sami: Hi.
Kian: Um, you alright?
Sami: awesome, you?