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Every day in America, a teenager becomes addicted to the most preventable cause of death, Smoking tobacco. Some may do it just because it seems cool, or because they want to fit in. However, they are totally unaware of the dangers of smoking tobacco because of the poor safety warnings on the back of every deadly carton. According to U.S. Senate of Massachusetts Edward
M. Kennedy,” Nationally, cigarettes kill well over four hundred thousand people each year.” I strongly suggest that tobacco shouldn’t be legal because it’s bad for one’s health, and it can be the most preventable cause of someone’s death. Tobacco is one of the most deadliest, yet legal drugs known to mankind. According to
CDC (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), “Smoking causes 443,000 deaths each year in the United States. 443,000. That’s more than the population of some small cities in America. Cigarettes take more lives than automobile accidents, alcohol abuse, illegal drugs, AIDS, murder, and suicide all combined. (Edward M. Kennedy). Tobacco contains nicotine which is one of the most addictive chemicals that exist. Nicotine is actually used to kill insects, and is more addictive than the illegal drug famously known as crack cocaine. But nicotine is just one of the many deadly chemicals in cigarettes. The deadly habit of smoking tobacco has actually existed for centuries. According to an article titled “Smoking” from 2010,” The dangers of tobacco were not always well known. It was smoked by early Native Americans during religious ceremonies. European explorers to the New World took tobacco plants with them, and the use of tobacco became common in Europe by about 1600. At first, most users smoked the dried leaves in pipes or cigars, or inhaled powdered tobacco, called snuff. Not everyone embraced tobacco. Some considered its use immoral or

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