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What are my tasks for these two assignments?

1. Choose at least one topic for your oral presentation.

a. Choose one of the below topics for your oral presentation. Regardless of the topics you choose, make sure to include personal examples, examples from individuals you know, and/or professional athletes in your oral presentation. These examples will serve as evidence for your views. You will have an opportunity to use theory and empirical evidence in an oral presentation at the end of the semester.

b. Please note that the questions in the topics are opinion-based and thus there are no “right” or “wrong” answers.

Personality: To what extent do you think personality affects athletic performance? How does personality affect athletic performance? Do you believe there are gender differences in personality? Why or why not?

Motivation: What are they different motivations (and motivational challenges) that predict success in athletic performance? How can a teacher and/or coach affect motivation? What contextual features and/or personality characteristics affect motivation in athletic performance?

Stress and Anxiety: How would you define stress and what are sources of stress in athletic performance? What strategies reduce stress in athletic performance? How can a coach increase/decrease stress?

Self-confidence: How would you define self-confidence and how is it related to expectations? What are the sources of self-confidence? How do characteristics of confidence affect athletic performance? What are some strategies for building self-confidence?

Attention and Concentration: How would you define “attention” and how does attention affect athletic performance? What are some strategies for enhancing attention? Are there sport-specific types of attention?
Burnout and overtraining: How would you define burnout and overtraining? How does...

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