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Where Science Finds Meaning and Practical Application

THE COM PANY: iability company founded in 2011, is a US alternative energy research and development company and a manufacturer of energy products. The scientific foundations and business planning began long before this time. Parallel journeys of the founding members merged and bonded to create this unique blend of talent, vision, technologies, strength and experience, with extensive product-­to-­market preparations;; all amassed for the focused purpose of producing products that will change the way the world thinks about, and views, energy.

The TG primary business and product lines are based upon Endothermic Reactive Phase Shift Systems applied to numerous practical applications; affecting and augmenting all heating, cooling and freezing processes known to man at this time.

The Company designs, develops, manufactures, produces and sells advanced energy products for practical and efficient performance for its customers. At Thermic Green, science is applied to meaningful and practical applications.


Rising energy costs represent current and growing dynamic threats to the economic interests of all businesses in the United States and internationally. Growing concerns about increasing levels of greenhouse gases and carbon emissions, paralleled with costly laws to address and control these categories, both political and scientific in nature, all produce immediate financial burdens that must be addressed.

Thermic Green products immediately reduce energy consumption for facilities and vehicles, with significant and corresponding reductions of carbon footprints. The results are reduced energy costs, increased life of equipment with decreased costs of repair and replacement, significant restoration of R-­values in structure panels, and overall positive improvements that go directly to the bottom line of businesses. Savings and benefits are substantial. Customer product information is at: . With the new release of Super Refrigerated Transport Vehicles and Advanced Insulated Wall Panels for containers and structures of all types, the positive economic effects of TG products will be greatly extended from the origins in food storage systems to a vast and growing array of customer products and facilities throughout the food chain and far beyond. As energy prices rise, the direct benefits of Thermic Green products will be continually pronounced.

As Thermic Green continues its planned release of additional energy products that expand its reach throughout industry, plans have been made to immediately utilize the Transonite panel technology from Martin Marietta Composites in conjunction with Thermic Green technologies. Martin Marietta Composites has stated to Thermic Green in writing that, “We share your vision that Quantum Cool’s technology coupled with the MMC panel technology will indeed enable revolutionary truck products.” This marriage of technologies, coupled with scheduled TG advancements in the resultant products and patents, have set the stage for the immediate commencement of manufacturing of refrigerated transport vehicles, rail cars, containers, coolers, freezers, cold storage facilities, and a vast array of products and product applications.

TG is continuing production of products at its Raleigh, NC facility, and will move to a larger facility early in 2011. This expansion of manufacturing and assembly for composite panels and structures will supplement, enhance and supersede the lines of refrigerated transport vehicles into numerous identified markets. Next-­in-­line products for
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Where Science Finds Meaning and Practical Application

manufacturing setup include new DC refrigeration systems, advanced thermal syphons, medical transport and storage devices, advanced cold storage systems, and a variety of other products.

Thermic Green target markets include current end-­users that have immediate needs for advanced energy products.

Through the processes of R&D, testing, sales and use of various TG products in both the United States and Brazil, TG has assembled a vast list of industry customers and contacts to which we will now accelerate release of new products. Conservatively speaking, there are multi-­billion dollar industries that need our energy products;; i.e., US Refrigerated Transportation, $7.5 billion;; US Protein Producers, $5.8 billion;; US Top 30 Groceries, $5.3 billion;; US Logistical, i.e., Sysco and US Foodservice, $2.7 billion;; US Convenience Stores, $1.6 billion;; US Department of Defense, $ Billions;; and like-­kind companies duplicated in Brazil, $17 billion, and internationally.

Although Cold Food Chain companies are the primary initial targets, TG products will extend benefits far beyond to most energy-­consuming entities. Refrigerated transport example: Isolating only Sysco, US Foodservice, Tyson and Safeway, there are combined totals exceeding 26,000 trailers and 4,500 straight trucks in existing fleets. TG refrigerated trucks will target yearly replacement and expansion for these fleets, and also provide retrofits for existing vehicles to extend useful life and efficiency. The same customers have coolers, freezers and cold storage facilities that will benefit from additional TG products including reactive solutions, insulated composite wall panels, and advanced thermal air doors in food processing and storage.


Many of these products have no peers and thereby no direct competition. Thermic Green is selectively building revolutionary products using unique and disruptive technologies. TG proprietary and intellectual properties include trade secrets and a patent, with multiple patents scheduled for 2011, 2012 and beyond, parallel to product releases. Technical writing, drawing and preparations are continually in progress, expanding the practical uses for current products, while building and preparing new scheduled products for release and sale. From endothermic reactive solutions to DC refrigeration systems to advanced wall panels for vehicles and structures with unsurpassed R-­values and durability, Thermic Green will continually provide targeted and practical energy solutions for numerous markets.

Through direct research of potential competitors, with assistance from several customers and their facilities, Thermic Green of its technologies, those already released and those about to be released in deliberately planned and scheduled timetables to enhance our strategic market positions.


-­to-­ place. These lists will grow as additional uses for current products are identified and upon the continued releases of new products. TG will initially direct-­sell to customers that are already anticipating the use of our products and onward to others in the same groups, specifically the sectors of cold food chain providers;; i.e., protein processors, logistical and refrigerated transport companies, grocery chains, convenience stores and US Department of Defense.

TG will aggressively expand its customer base in the US and internationally. As cold food companies in the US and Brazil are buying companies and investing internationally, TG will follow its customers to these markets. The company will market to existing customers with a continual growth of products and product enhancements to strengthen its customer base and increase market exposure to its products and technologies.

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Where Science Finds Meaning and Practical Application

Primary sales focus through the near-­term will be on super refrigerated transport vehicles, including the Fusion Master R100 model that will change the world of refrigerated trucking. The multiple technologies involved in these vehicles will be continually used to vertically expand to other related uses including climatized containers, coolers, freezers, cold storage warehouses, shipping containers, refrigerated rail cars and military modular housing.


The Thermic Green management team includes the founders and professionals with the necessary functional skills to not only understand these technologies, but with the abilities to enable a growing professional staff to utilize the full advantages of said technologies being taken to market through select products. Team backgrounds and individual skills include vast practical experiences in science, engineering, acquisition, manufacturing, production, construction, product implementation, installation, legal, entrepreneurial, and management experience. This collective experience represents years of market knowledge, technologies, and a wealth of customer awareness and connections.


Thermic Green is now building super refrigerated transport vehicles and accelerating manufacturing capabilities for the products and vertical markets that derive from the various technologies used on these vehicles.

THERMIC GREEN LLC will continue to release new products throughout 2011 and beyond, bearing the THERMIC GREEN logo and brand. The new website is being developed at . Additional information is currently at THERMIC GREEN is now the flagship brand;; providing revolutionary energy products, disruptive technologies, and continued research and development as new products are announced and released.

This executive summary is not an offer or agreement to buy or sell securities, or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell securities. Any such offering or agreement will be made, if at all, pursuant to definitive subscription or other offering materials.

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