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Facts About Dolphin Research Paper

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10 True Facts That Prove Dolphins Are Evil
Don't letter "Flipper" fool you. These high-pitched, bottle-nosed fiends are the scourge of the seas.


They're Part of a Killing Family
Killer whales are really dolphins. It's true. They're not actually whales, they just look like them. Orcas and bottlenose dolphins are cousins, of a sort.


They Work as Spies
More than one government has used dolphins to spy on other countries, Russia even sold combat-trained dolphins to Iran. That's real. ----

They Engage in Sexual Assault
It sounds awful, but it's rather well-known that dolphins frequently engage in sexual activities with each other, even with unwilling partners, and will even move suggestively against other animals...including humans.

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It's because male adult dolphins kill the babies of other males, and their own young sometimes. Baby porpoises resemble baby dolphins, so they're collateral damage. ---

They're Primed for Stalker Behavior
Dolphins can go up to 5 days without sleep, which means they can focus on a task and barely waver from it.


They're Predatory Hunters
You might want to believe that friendly, squealing dolphins dine on seaweed, but they hunt fish and squid in coordinated, crafty groups. Dolphins surround their prey, trapping them in a circle, and swim through the center eating at will.

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