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Creativity Research Journal 2005, Vol. 17, No. 1, 51–65

Copyright © 2005 by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.

Feeling Creative, Being Creative: An Empirical Study of Diversity and Creativity in Teams
Terri R. Kurtzberg
Rutgers University

ABSTRACT: Two empirical studies explored objectively measured creative fluency and subjectively perceived creativity in cognitively diverse teams. Results indicate that cognitive diversity may be beneficial for objective functioning but may damage team satisfaction, affect, and members’impressions of their creative performance. Subjective ratings diverged greatly from more objective measures and were more closely related to affective measures. The overall findings present creativity as a complex multidimensional construct, and cognitive diversity as an important predictor of both team emotions and outcomes. Arguments are presented for the value of subjectively perceived creativity, even in the absence of more concrete performance in the immediate time period. The concept of creativity spans a multitude of domains from art to science to literature to business and beyond (e.g. Stumpf, 1995; Tang & Leonard, 1985; Williams & Yang, 1999). Even within any one context, researchers have long recognized that creativity can refer to person, process, product, or environmental response (Rhodes, 1961). At one count, there were well over 50 definitions to be found on this ever-expanding list (Taylor, 1988). It is easy to understand, given this wide scope, why organizations often have a difficult time capturing exactly what it is they mean when they strive for creative outcomes—or how to know when they have achieved them. Current definitions of cognitive creativity (e.g., scientific or organizational) typically describe the construct as involving “the generation of novel behavior that meets a standard of quality or utility” (e.g.,

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