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-Company background
Company is an online store that would offer gardeners a one-stop shopping place for products, plants, gifts, and is a virtual store, selling a wide variety of gardening and gardening-related products. It also offered a range of services, including an online magazine, an online landscape planning and design tool, a plant finder tool, a monthly newsletter, a garden reminder service, a weekly sales and promotion e-mail, and celebrity-hosted chat sessions. In addition, a “Garden Doctor” service was made available for answering gardening questions. The company was launched on March 1996 and it was doing well after initial launch and December 26, the company ceased its customer service operations. November 15, 2000, a phased shutdown of the company’s retail operations and the sale of its consumer business assets began
- Project Scope Project Name:
Project scope is to build a new website which caters the needs of the Gardening Industry. It is $50-70 million business in America.
-Highly fragmented and no clear winner,, no new company accounts for more than 1% of the market.
-Plants are not commodity market
-Gardens tend to be affluent and willing to pay widely to variety of prices for the same item.
-Perception of quality and amount of except advice to biggest factors in purchasing decision.
Objectives: Be the virtual superstore and resource center of the gardening supply business. One-stop shop for quality gardening resources
Product scope description
Web will be employed as the point of contact with customers
Back-end system, including software products, payment processing system, machine language, will be built in-house
Front-end will be built in-house to the greatest extent possible; some graphics work may be contracted out to local design agencies
Service will be restricted to US customers only
Ergosoft laboratories, inc.
Human Code, Inc
Lisa Sharples, Cliff Sharples,
Jamie O’Neill

Schedule to complete the project
The project was schedule to be completed by 6 months from the date of starting. The site should be up and running and to maintain the competitive advantage of first market entry
Issues & risks
-Local nurseries
-Gardens from big shopping like K-Mart selling the same item at a better price.
-Price reduction by big companies.
1. Searching the website based on a criteria.
2. BookMarking a list of product locations
3. SiteMap.
4. Navigation Tree.
5. Flash Tour.
6. Panorama
7. Video clip
8. Animation
9. Clicable Map.
10.Clicable Map
Was the project completed on time & in full ?
Yes the project was completed in time and but not full. Later two companies are hired to evaluate the website and improve the usability of the website.

Hod was the project managed
Project was managed well during the initial launch of the project. But after the getting the rewards and prices not much improvements were done on the website to keep the existing customers and lure new customers. Here is the place where the downfall was started. No new updates were done on the website and no new positing etc was done. if you were the project manager what would you have done
Since this is a website based business website need to modified continuously with new look and feel. And new product offerings should be made all time. Continuous monitoring should have been done to keep the competitive edge of the company.

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