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File Managment


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File Management (Option 1)
POS 355
July 29, 2015

File Management (Option 1) Access Rights is an accommodating tool that can be used to allow users on a network to file share (Stallings, 2015, p. 541). In most systems, users and groups of users have a certain granted access to files. There are many different access rights that can be assigned and are assigned based on the level of the user. Specifying which users can access one file in a system being supported by 5,000 users can be done by creating an access control list with the names of the 4,990 users who need access. Another way to allow the 4,990 users to access the files would be to put them all in one group and set the group access level accordingly. An access control list specifies which users are granted or denied access to certain files, and can be granted to individual users, or groups (Stallings, 2015, p. 525). In most multiuser systems, access control is enforced, and only certain users are allowed access and to perform certain actions on certain files. Access control information may include the owner, access information, and permitted actions. The owner is the individual who has control over the file, and who can grant or deny access to other users. Access information includes each of the user’s name and password. Some permitted actions that can be granted to users include reading, writing, executing, and transmission over a network (Stallings, 2015, p. 537). The owner of the file can grant all of these actions.
When granting 4,990 users access to one file another way is to group the users and grant privileges to an entire group. User groups are a set of users who are not individually defined, but need to be kept track of through the system (Stallings, 2015, p. 541). While this protection scheme can be useful, it cannot always be applied since the system restricts user groups (Stallings,

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