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My book was Finally by Wendy Mass. Rory Swenson, an eleven year old girl to start the book will soon be twelve and she can’t wait because she will finally be able to get a lot of things she has wanted for along time. Rory finds out that the girl’s name is Sasha and her family is all the people she had helped throughout the time she was completing what was on her finally chart. Rory is the narrator of the story. Finally takes place in Willow Falls in the present day. Rory faces person vs. person, person vs. self. Rory Swenson is the main character in Finally. Rory is a 11/12 year old girl who gets her first phone, who has the appearance of sort of mousy and bookish blends into the background. Rory is going to drop her brother off at his …show more content…
Rory doesn't know until her parents get home and she does not know that turning back the clocks will help her make two friends. Sasha helps Rory when she goes to a party but feels that worry in her stomach and leaves early. Rory goes to Sasha’s house and meets her family who she had been helping throughout the book The book ends with Rory finding out that the girl’s name is Sasha and her family is all the people she had helped throughout the time she was completing what was on her finally chart. Wendy Mass’s message is not to grow up too fast. This applies to everyone because if you want to grow up you might have a list you have to do and than you will lose sight of what you can do now and can't do later. This applies to me because I'm the youngest and I have wanted to grow up so I could do things that my sisters do. I like the book because I could connect with Rory from wanting to do something but not being able to. It changed my opinion because I was not expecting to like it because Katie did not like and I was basing my opinion on hers even though we don't share the same opinion on a lot of things. Yes if you have ever wanted something but you are told ‘when you're older’ by your parents. Also I would recommend it if you have a younger sibling because Rory has a younger brother named

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