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Fire is one of the notable human induced disasters in Bangladesh. Every year, hundreds of people die and many are injured due to fire accidents. In last two years, more than 15,000 fire incidents took place throughout the country and most of the them occured in Dhaka and Chittagong.
Some of those fire accidents are given below :

Tazreen fire accident:
A devastating fire broken out in Tajreen Fashion Limited, a sister concern of Tuba Group at Nischintapur, Ashulia, Saver, Dhaka on 24 November at 6:30 pm and it was managed to bring the blaze under control at around 6 am, after more than 11 hours of frantic efforts.The fire broke out in the Westside of the ground floor that was being used as a warehouse and was full of inflammable cloths, yearns and garments accessories. As a result the fire spread up to the upper floors as it could not be tamed immediately. The mid level officials prevented workers from leaving the building after the fire had broken out.
Total death & injured workers: •Date of Incident: 24 November 2012 • Place of Incident: Tazreen Fashion Limited, Nischintapur, Ashulia, Saver, Dhaka • Total Number of Death: A total of 111** workers died as per Govt. statistic. Among them 58 dead body has been identified and rest of 53 dead body was unidentified. The identified 58 dead body was handed over to deceased family members or relatives. The unidentified 53 dead body was lied down in Jurain Graveyard. After identification of legal successor through DNA test these dead body will be handed over. According to interviewed worker and other secondary sources total death will be around 160. Ministry of Relief and Disaster Management prepared the identified dead workers list and Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishment prepared unidentified/ missing workers list.
• Total Number of Injured Worker: There is no concrete statistics regarding injured worker. According to interviewed workers and other secondary sources total injured worker will be around 300.

Problem enquires:
a. There was no fire or emergency exit or stairways
b. All exit ways meet at the ground floor and that was used as main entrance and exit ways. Fire originated from ground floor. So there was no scope to come outside using these exit ways
c. Owner did not follow building code, as the nine-storey factory had permission for three floors
d. The ground floor was being using as a storage facility. There were a stuck of spin, fabric and other raw materials which helped spread up the fire rapidly
e. High voltage electricity transformer is take place at the ground floor as well as beside the stairway. The stuck of spin and fabric was much closed to this transformer;
f. Production manager and linesmen had stopped workers on the second and the third floor from using the staircase when they tried to get out in panic after the fire alarm went off, that trapped many of them in the inferno. They also said, it was a false alarm’. Highest number of dead body (69) was recovered from 2nd floor.
g. Workers were not trained on fire safety. Only 30/40 workers had an orientation on fire safety.
h. Fire extinguishers and other fire defense materials were inadequate. None of them found who used these during fire. It was also found that hosepipe is not used.
i. Investigation Report 6 Most of the workers died due to suffocation and burn. Only six workers died

a. Government should formulate and implement Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Policy on priority basis
b. Properly implement Bangladesh Labour Law and other relevant laws in all factories
c. Increase the capacity (manpower & logistic) of Department of Inspection for Factories & establishment and introduce separate inspection system for RMG sector
d. Government should take steps to operate mobile courts in factory level regularly to ensure occupational safety & health
e. Every factory owner’s should establish building properly following the Bangladesh National Building Code and fire safety guideline
f. Form participatory fire safety committee and OSH committee in each floor & give them proper training and keep it active
g. Arrange fire safety and OSH training regularly including refreshers training. Also arrange effective fire drill regularly
h. Ensure availability of fire defense materials in each floor of the establishment and use of it when needed
i. Introduce automated fire defense system at factory level Use separate establishment for warehouse & production unit k
j. Roof top and all gates of the factory where workers movement exist are remain open during working hour employing adequate number of security guards in each gate
k.Every factory should have emergency exits or stairways as part of legal obligation m. Maintain all machines, tools & equipments properly & regularly.

Amar desh fire accident: A devastating fire that broke out at the officeof Bangla national daily Amar Desh housed at Bangladesh Steel and Engineering Corporation (BSEC) building in the capital's Kawran Bazar area on Friday, has been doused after nearly two hours of efforts.Fire Service and Civil Defence Director General Brigadier General Ali Ahmed Khan confirmed the Dhaka Tribune about the news around 2:30pm.The fire broke out at the top floor of the 11-storied building around 11:48am on Friday,reported our correspondent Ashif Islam Shaon, quoting Fire Service and Civil Defense Control room In-Charge Enayet Ullah.
*No reason for the fire could be ascertained immediately. The building houses several other offices,including of private satellite TV channels ntv and Rtv. The fire disrupted normal telecast of ntv and Rtv as the main power source to the building was shut down immediately after the incident.
Earlier on December 25, 2007, a fire broke out at a room on the ground floor of the building.
On February 26, 2006, three people were killed and 50 others injured as a devastating fire swept through the 11-storey building.

Smart Export Garments Limited: on 26 January 2013, a deadly fire broke out at Smart Export Garments Limited, a subcontracting RMG factory located on the upper floor of a two-storey building of the Mohammadpur area of Dhaka City.

Source of the fire:
•The source of the fire is yet to be determined, some workers say it was a boiler that burst,while others say it was a gas leakage, however, as there was a tyre repair and wielding workshop downstairs so officials say that the fire could have started from this point. Total number of injured and death: reports confirm 10 dead (all female), and 35 injured.Cause of death and injury is stampede toward the single exit, however no injury or death caused directly due to fire. problems / Limitations :
•The factory was not legally registered. It maintained no standards of safety, its focus was always on “cost cutting”, it eventually came at the expense of lives lost and injuries.The factory hired workers without a proper contract.
•The guards were out having lunch when the fire started in the store room. There were no replacement guards. The fire started during lunch time, no one was present to react at the scene of the incident.
•The fire exit was jam locked with shutter gates being tied with large locks and chains.

Sportswear garment fire accident:
December 14 marks the first anniversary of the fire at That's It Sportswear garment factory in Bangladesh.
The fire on December 14, 2010, caused the death of 29 workers, and injured a number of others, eleven of them seriously. The factory, belonging to the Hameem group, supplied US brands and retailers, including JC Penney,
VF corporation, Gap, Philips

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