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Can you tell me the history of pulut kuning? Ermm….We claimed pulut kuning is our authenticity. However, it is originally from Indonesia. If I have not mistaken, it is from Acheh. They called it nasi kunyit. That’s why if u noticed, people from Northern Peninsular Malaysia called nasi kunyit not pulut kuning and Kelantanese called it pulut semangat.

1. What is method and ingredients to prepare pulut kuning? Pulut kuning is made from glutinous rice, soaked overnight in water, add in crushed turmeric and lime juice or asam gelugor (sour slices/tamarind peel), so it cooks with a nice sheen. Lastly steam it with coconut milk.

2. Would you believe that pulut kuning as symbolism? How? Pulut kuning plays as an integral part in Malay culture. It is a symbolism of prosperity. In the old days, glutinous rice is only afforded by royal people and yellow colour is symbolizes the status of king, power and dignity. Old folk used turmeric as a colouring due to it is the only colours that can be easily found at that time and do not forget that pulut kuning usually has round shape to portray union.

3. Would you believe that pulut kuning as custom? How? Traditionally pulut kuning is served only during special events not only in Malay culture but also in Chinese or Peranakan culture. They celebrate 1 month’s baby because they believe after 1 month, the baby has faced the danger of his or her life. For the Malays, pulut kuning is prepared during celebration concerning newborns (melenggang perut, akikah, berbuai and bercukur), festive seasons such as Ramadhan, Eidulfitri, Eiduladha, and wedding ceremonies. In addition, pulut kuning also cook during silat pulut performance (type of martial art). Malays called silat pulut because after performance, each participant will get a bunga telur with pulut kuning. In Malay wedding, pulut kuning is...

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