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Foster Care System: A Case Study

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In this chat we discussed a one of the most vexing problems that California currently has. This problem is to provide high quality public education to all students and especially children in the foster-care system. As we talked about what resources are available for foster students, to achieve academic, academic and development, we have realized that we don’t know much information about available resources. LCAP funding, RTI, counselors or intervention teams are the first resources that came to our minds. We also discussed the confidentiality of the student records and how to identify Foster Youth students at school. Principal’s leadership to deliver this information to teachers will be a helpful step to identify these students without

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...been placed into a new home with a new family. Your last family was unfit to take care of you, but now you're in better hands. Or so it seems. Six months later you're tired, beaten down, and slowly giving up on life. Your foster parents weren't as nurturing and loving as they seemed; although, the social worker who placed you in their care didn't know that, mainly because she didn't properly screen them before sending you into the home of strangers. Foster care reform is a drastically overlooked topic in America, which is becoming worse by the second. Although hundreds of thousands of children enter into the foster care system each year, foster care reform is a subject which is constantly...

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...Improving Academic Performance and Achievement of children and youth in foster care Joanna Bermudez Mercy College Summer 2013 Introduction and Problem Statement Approximately fifty percent of adolescents in this country’s foster care system are graduating from high school each year. In NYS, less than forty-four percent of adolescent’s in the foster care system graduate from high school yearly. The outcomes of youth who leave the foster care system between the ages of 18 and 21 are statistically grim; less than 50% of these youth are equipped with a high school diploma (Scannapeieco, Connel-Carrick, and Pinter, 2007), and with-in two years of leaving the system, 25% of them face unemployment, homelessness, and/or incarceration (Krinsky, 2007). For all children, especially children in foster care, having the proper advocacy, stability, educational coordination and guidance are vital in ensuring their academic success. Unfortunately, children in foster care are less likely to receive these components to assist them in becoming successful in academia, which in turn affects their chances to live a productive adult life. The needs of the children and youth in foster care are in need of reformation across each state throughout the nation. Since the development of foster care, the focus of intervention has and continues to be a reactive approach, instead of a tactical approach. The intervention of foster care seeks to ensure the physical safety and well-being of each child and...

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