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Friends with Benefits Should We Blame Media or Generations

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Friends with Benefits: Blame Media or Generations?

To what extent are the expectations we form from watching movies affecting our dating habits: friends with benefits
The high extent of how powerful the media affects society’s habits and forms ideals for interaction seems as if the television is controlling the way society interrelate. The media creates false expectations for the rest of society. It’s the false accounts- the fictional stuff- that sells but also becomes the expectation in real life as society models the behaviors from the movies. It is a paradoxical concept that the entertainment industry creates movies with actors in roles that need to be exaggerated in order to sell; this obviously implies that the lifestyles portrayed on the television are not representations of the average person’s life. However, when viewers- normal people- watch these television roles, these false lives are assumed to be the norm for real-life so that creates a false system in which we approach interpersonal relationships, such as in dating. Romantic realism deals with creating stories of high-level stimulation, not something boring to bring a movie to life, etc. Unfortunately, this influence from the media and the humane aspect that we are never fully satisfied with what we have are vast contributions for the increase of friends with benefits in contemporary dating culture.
When one looks at what plays on the television, the perfect, utopian, or ideal accounts of the characters’ lives raise the standard for how normal people are expected to behave and interact. As television and movies promotes the sense of casual relationships or casual sex without relationships, society assumes that as the norm and, thus, expects real-life circumstances to play out in the same way. If actors play roles of ordinary people but are changing the rules of the dating game, then naturally

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