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Comparative Summary
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Comparative Summary
The United States health care system have many organizations that are called entity which have an effect on people daily living and survivor in life. I will discuss in this paper the entity that I chose from the list of each health care financial environment and described in the Financial Environments Worksheet. I will address and compare the environment that I selected in week one assignment. I will describe the organizations financial structure. I will explain which unique policy to the financial environment that I selected from week one assignment. I will discuss financial management practices that are prevalent in the financial environment. I will in this paper discuss what are the effective financial management that is more difficult in health care than in other industries.

Describe the financial structure.
The mission of the Department of Veterans Affairs is a government entity that serves veterans of the United States and their dependents, and beneficiaries with compassion and dignity and veterans principal advocate to ensure they receive social support, benefits, medical care, benefits, and lasting memorials. (, 2016).
Department of veterans' affairs financial structure consists of consolidated financial structure consolidated balance sheets that are base dollars in the millions. The assets are kept on this sheet with treasury fund balance. The financial statement is kept up on a yearly basic The balance statement consists of Investments, The financial statement will have a report that state veteran loan guarantees or the Direct Loans for the veteran or families that try to apply for loan programs. (, 2016).
Abt Associates is a for-profit entity that provides many health care organizations and government research-based consulting

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