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Much has been written about the past in regards to Canada’s evolution from an agrarian system to an industrialized system where the production of goods is the foremost means of work. Now, there are those who say that we have moved onto a post-industrialized system, which includes knowledge workers who produce and disseminate knowledge and have the ability to solve problems, and the creative class, which is comprised of professionals like engineers, professors, and lawyers. “These workers are transforming the economy through a new work ethic that places a high priority on interesting work, flexible forms of organization, and dynamic places in which to live and work” (Krahn, Hughes & Lowe, 2012, p. 27). As we venture into a post-industrialized era, this paper will examine the future prospects of work in Canada and the role that technology will play.
Advancements in technology and innovation in a post-industrialized society are changing the way work is done. Some believe that technological advances will have a severe negative impact on the Canadian workforce. Betcherman and Lowe (1997) examine this view and conclude that there are three reasons that support this pessimistic outlook: 1) “mental” and “manual” labour are at risk due to “smart” technologies (p. 11); 2) when the agrarian system was replaced with industrialism, there were emerging sectors like manufacturing and services absorbed displaced workers, however, there does not seem to be an emerging sector (Betcherman & Lowe, 1997); and 3) “globalization is extending the power of capital beyond the reach of any counterbalancing “social” forces, including government regulation and collective bargaining (Betcherman & Lowe, 1997, p. 11).
This industrial restructuring sees new ways of running the industry through the use of these developments, which in turn, creates a more competitive market (Cooperman

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