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Gang Intervention Paper Summary

Every-time I hear the word “gang members” I get into an emotional state of mind based on the fact that was how I was living as a teenager in South Central Los Angeles. That’s why I chose to do my signature assignment on gang intervention on junior high and high school campuses. My case study was based on a large urban junior high school. The school was experiencing an increase in gang behavior along with an alarming increase in the number of students bringing weapons onto campus. Once I identified the problem of the school, I then started to collect data. According to Dougherty he states that collecting data is the first step to do. By me not knowing what to do prior to this assignment, I felt that this was definitely the correct protocol that needed to be done before I tried to figure out an appropriate intervention. I then had the idea of creating a reward system as my intervention. I realized that dealing with gang members Interventions should be designed using positive behavioral support in such a way that appropriate behavior is rewarded. I chose to use the Client-Centered Case Consultation process because the consultant is viewed as an expert or specialist who can diagnose and recommend intervention. And for me personally, that is something that I feel I can do naturally based on the situations that I’ve experienced as a child. The one unique approach that I really love about this process is that Dougherty states to use appropriate language when dealing with the consultee. And that’s so vital for me, because I can be comfortable in my approach. Mental Health Collaboration was by far the best collaboration process. The reason I say this is because it would allow me to consult with another professional, such as a teacher to correct the problem in the classroom, or on campus. However, the mental health professional would also have to provide counseling service to the student to help reduce the behavior

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