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General Tenders Conditions

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General Tenders Conditions


1.0 General Requirements.
2.0 Scope Of Work.
3.0 Terms and Conditions.
4.0 References.
5.0 Bidding Conditions.

1.0 General Requirements

1.1 Intent:

1.1.1 Design and accept responsibility for proper performance of the new installation in accordance with relevant standards and codes and scope of work listed hereinafter.

Provide all items, articles, materials, operations, sundries, labor, supervision, guarantees, allowances for overhead and profit, etc., to achieve a fully functionable and acceptable system.

1.2 Examination of Site:

1.2.1 Visit the site of the proposed works and obtain all information as to existing conditions and limitations.

1.2.2 The Owner will not be responsible for any claim for extra work or expense resulting from the failure of the Contractor to be fully aware of Site Conditions, existing installation, etc.

1.3 Shop Drawings:

1.3.1 Submit shop drawings and samples for all trades and materials/equipment to be used on this project.

Provide transparencies wherever possible and provide two hard copies (paper prints) for each submission. The owner may retain the sample of each item at his discretion until the completion of the contract.

1.3.2 Present a schedule of shop drawings after award of the contract and not later than seven days after award of contract, indicating the anticipated date when the drawings will be submitted for review. Assume full responsibility for timely submission of all drawings. Allow a minimum of one week for the Owner's review. At time of submission indicate order deadlines and cost implications, etc., otherwise the Owner will consider that cost and completion date will be unaffected.

1.4 Protection and Storage:

1.4.1 Protect the buildings and structures from damage due to carrying out of this work.

1.4.2 Protect all mechanical & electrical works from damage. Keep all equipment dry and clean at all times.

1.4.3 Cover all openings in equipment and materials. Cover all temporary openings or provide caps until final connection is made. The quality of such cover must be determined with due regard to how long it may be until final connection.

1.4.4 Be responsible for and make good any damages caused directly or indirectly to any walls, floors, ceilings, woodwork, brickwork, finishes, services, roads, gardens, etc.

1.5 Existing work and Equipment:

Before this Contractor undertakes work in any area he must prepare a list of deficiencies in that area which affect his works, or which could possibly be construed as being caused by himself if not noted. In the event that such deficiency list is not prepared, then he shall be deemed responsible for such deficiencies. Any list shall be brought to the attention of the owner forthwith.

1.6 Supervision:

1.6.1 The Contractor will maintain at site, as necessary for the performance of the Contract, qualified personnel and supporting staff, with proven experience in erecting, testing, and adjusting projects of comparable nature and complexity.

Before commencing work the Contractor will submit details of the proposed Engineers and Supervisors, including copies of their Certificates. If in the owner's opinion the proposed Engineers or Supervisors are not adequately qualified or are otherwise unacceptable, the onus is on the Contractor to submit alternates until such approval is given.

1.6.3 Where the Contractor's staff is, or becomes during the Contract deficient in the choice of adequate or acceptable personnel, the Contractor is to remedy the situation by appropriate measures.

1.6.4 Approval of the Contractor's Engineers Staff shall in no way prevent the withdrawal of that approval at any time during the Contract should the owner so desire. In the event of such disapproval then the Contractor will be required to rectify the position as stated above within 14 days.

1.6.5 In the event of any negligent or severely detrimental behavior the owner has the right to order the removal from site of any Engineer, Supervisor, or worker on a "forthwith" basis. The Contractor will remedy the situation on a similar forthwith basis and in any event will not be allowed to proceed with any area of work which as a result is left without proper supervision or technical backup until such time as the owner is again satisfied by the measures taken.

1.7 Scheduling:

1.7.1 It will be the obligation of the Contractor to provide a schedule adequate for all trades to meet the completion date. Such schedule shall be provided along with the tender submission.

1.7.2 While preparing the schedule of works, the contractor shall take note that the premises is occupied and hence working hours shall be restricted so as not to cause inconvenience to people residing in the premises.

1.8 Standards & Specifications:

All equipment and installations shall be in accordance with local Codes and Regulations. In general, all equipment and installation shall also be in accordance with either British Standard Specifications or a European or North American specification as approved or stated in advance by the Owner.

1.9 Workmanship:

1.9.1 Install equipment, conduit and piping in a workmanlike manner to present a neat appearance and to function properly to the satisfaction of the owner. Install conduits parallel and perpendicular to the building planes. Install all conduits concealed in chases, behind furring, or above ceiling, except in unfinished areas. Install all exposed systems neatly and grouped to present a neat appearance.

1.9.2 Install all equipment and apparatus which requires maintenance, adjustment, or eventual replacement with due allowance for this.

1.9.3 Include in the work all requirements of Manufacturers as shown on their drawings.

1.9.4 Replace all work unsatisfactory to the owner without extra cost and to the standard required by the owner. This applies to any item, which is found to be defective in service during the maintenance period, or extended maintenance period as appropriate.

1.10 Materials and Equipment:

1.10.1 All materials used on the project shall be brand new. Obtain approval of all Manufacturers from the owner.

1.10.2 "New" is defined as newly manufactured, "state of the arts," tested and proven item of equipment. Items, which have been held in stock for any extended period of time by either the Manufacturer or the Supplier, will be rejected.

1.10.3 All material, equipment and systems shall be suitable for operating satisfactory at an ambient air temperature of 50 degree. C (122 degree. F) and relative humidity of 100%.

The contractor shall ensure that each category of material or equipment supplied for the works shall be of a particular product range from a single manufacturer in order to rationalize the eventual maintenance and renewal or replacement.

1.11 Cleaning:

1.11.1 Each day as the work proceeds and on completion, clean up and remove from the premises all rubbish, surplus material, equipment, machinery, tools, scaffolds, and other items used in the performance of the work. Clean out dirt and debris and leave the buildings broom clean with no stains and in a condition acceptable to the owner.

1.12 Accessibility:

1.12.1 Each item of equipment shall be located so as to be accessible for maintenance or repair without removing adjacent structures, equipment, piping, or other materials.

1.13 Inspection, Testing and Adjusting:

1.13.1 All the works provided as part of this Contract shall be inspected and commissioned in accordance with all relevant British Standard Specifications and Codes of Practice and to the entire satisfaction of the owner.

1.13.2 Test equipment to the requirements of, and where necessary, in the presence of the Manufacturer.

1.14 Operating Instructions to Owner:

1.14.1 Instruct the Owner's staff how to make minor adjustments, carry out necessary maintenance and how to operate each system.

For all equipment, provide the owner with three copies of complete operating and maintenance instructions for equipment at the time of delivery of the equipment.

Instructions shall be bound in a suitable loose leaf booklet or binder, and shall include:

Prints of the following as built drawings:
← List of all equipment installed.
← General layout.
← Wiring diagram of control panels.
← Non dimensional layout, showing location of all electrical devices.

b) Operation instructions. c) Maintenance instructions, including preventative maintenance instructions for components of the equipment. d) Complete parts list, showing manufacturer's name and catalogue number. e) System commissioning and testing result.

The contractor is to prepare a draft for discussion with the owner prior to finalizing the documents.

1.15 System Acceptance:

1.15.1 The ultimate condition for system acceptance is that the Owner has inspected the system and found it to be acceptable, and indicated this in writing. The contractor shall be responsible for any defective components, bad workmanship or malfunctioning of the system for a period of 36 months even after the initial acceptance. Contractor shall submit the following to the owner after initial acceptance:
Testing, and commissioning reports.

As built drawings and operation and maintenance manuals.

Contractor shall be responsible to train owner's maintenance staff in the operation and maintenance of all equipment.

1.16 Guarantees:

1.16.1 The Contractor will guarantee all material and workmanship for at least three years after take over by the Owner.

1.16.2 Contractor shall be responsible for the satisfactory completion of 36 months warranty period.

All guarantees from equipment suppliers will be vested in the Owner, regardless of whether the Contractor who supplied the equipment is still associated with the project or not.

Guarantees will be full guarantees and will include all overhead, profit, incidental charges and sundries.

1.16.5 Where damage is caused to any other item by any failure of the item guaranteed, then the guarantee shall also include the costs incurred in rectifying that damage.

1.17 Maintenance:

1.17.1 The contractor shall be responsible to carry out three-year maintenance including the three-year guarantee.

1.17.2 Maintenance is defined as the Contractual Liability to maintain the equipment in working condition, PLUS the regular checks and servicing of equipment during the maintenance period to keep the equipment in best working order.

1.17.3 Regular maintenance shall be as necessary, but in any event not less frequently than fortnightly.


2.1 Detailed study for the full specifications of the required integrated systems is attached.
2.2 The study is prepared as the latest available specifications, however the bidder may suggest advance models, which might be available at the market.


Bidder has to visit the Women Union premises for site survey and meet the concern staff in order to understand the Business Environment.
3.2 The prices quoted should include shipping, transportation, delivery to Women Union Abu Dhabi site, storage, project management, installation, testing, commissioning, training, system documentation and warranty.

3.3 The tenderer shall submit along with his offer catalogues and technical literature for all equipment, peripheral, accessories and components along with their country of origin.

3.4 The tenderer shall ensure that his offer is complete for providing functionable systems inclusive of but not limited to following:

3.4.1 All the required materials such as: original software packages, customized software applications, system panels, dedicated PC’s, control consoles, switchers with relevant keyboards, control monitors, distribution panels, interface cards, accessories, peripherals, UPS’s, power suppliers, Voltage regulators & protectors etc.
3.4.2 All installation materials such as: connectors, patch panels, wiring, cables, cords, adapters, valves, cabinets, fixing the nudes... etc.
3.4.3 All required civil, electrical, mechanical and carpentry works including cable trunking & decorative materials etc.


The bidder shall provide the following along with the tender:

4.1 List of clients (Government Authorities in UAE - Visits may be asked later)

Copy of Valid Trade License, copy of power of attorney for the authorized signatory and Company Profile for the main Supplier/contractor and the Sub-Contractors.


5.1 Bids shall be submitted in separate sealed envelopes in 2 Sets -“Commercial-Financial bid ” and “Technical bid ” two copies of each set.
5.2 The two sets shall be identical in all respects except that the prices shall be shown only in the commercial-financial bid. The technical bid shall be without any price.
5.3 The sealed envelopes shall clearly specify: “Commercial-Financial bid (priced)” and “Technical bid (unpriced)” two copies each set.
5.4 Bids not submitted in accordance with the above instructions shall be rejected. Both technical and commercial bids should be signed and stamped. Moreover, each page of the quotation should be stamped and signed by the bidder.
5.5 Scope of work shall be on full turnkey basis for the entire package, which will include designing, supplying, installation, testing configuration and commissioning of all the items. where vendors/suppliers shall warranty the integrity of the complete package.

5.6 Bidder shall clearly indicate the Warranty Period from the date of system handing over to Women Union premises including on SITE Labors & Spare parts for minimum of three years.

5.7 Bidder shall offer an alternative price for the complete work as specified but with extended warranty, guarantee and maintenance for a period of three years from the date of final hand-over.

5.8 Bidder shall include in his offer, maintenance charge for the system for a period of five years after the warranty period. However, the maintenance contract will be valid for five years with the Women Union option to revise the price each year.

Spare parts and consumables should be available for the quoted items for at least ten years after the Warranty Period.

5.10 Work should proceed without interrupting the normal daily functions of Women Union. This will require careful planning to avoid interruption of work and inconvenience to the employees or cause any hazards to the environment.

5.11 Bidder has to supply within a week of signing the contract, a detailed schedule for the imported equipment with the expectation arrival dates. However Women Union has the right to assign the priority of beginning the installation with.

5.12 The Contractor shall ensure the following condition exist:

5.12.1 Work sequence agreed with Women Union, the maximum contract period being limited to 4 months from the date of contract award.
5.12.2 Provision for clean conditions for the areas around the work locations when the work is in progress.
5.12.3 Bids shall be valid for a period of minimum 90 days from submitting date
5.12.4 Bids shall be submitted at the following address:

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...PROVISIONS OF ARTICLE 1 1-201: General Definitions 1-201(37): Security Interest 1-203: Obligation of Good Faith 1-205: Course of Dealing and Usage of Trade 1-304 (MAY BE REVISED VERSION): Obligation of Good Faith 1-308 (FORMERLY 1-207): Performance or Acceptance Under Reservation of Rights PART 1. SHORT TITLE, GENERAL CONSTRUCTION AND SUBJECT MATTER 2-102: Scope; Certain Security and Other Transactions Excluded From This Article 2-103: Definitions and Index of Definition 2-104: Definitions of Merchant; Between Merchant 2-105: Definitions of Transferability, Goods, Future Goods, Lot, Commercial Unit 2-106: Definition of Contract, Agreement, Contract for Sale, Sale, Present Sale, Conforming to Contract, Termination, Cancellation 2-107: Goods to Better Severed from Realty: Recording PART 2. FORM, FORMATION AND READJUSTMENT OF CONTRACT 2-201: Formal Requirements; Statute of Frauds 2-202: Final Written Expression: Parol or Extrinsic Evidence 2-204: Formation in General 2-205: Firm Offers 2-206: Offer and Acceptance in Formation of Contract 2-207: Additional Terms in Acceptance or Confirmation 2-208: REFER TO EDITORS NOTE! 2-209: Modification, Rescission and Waiver PART 3. GENERAL OBLIGATION; CONSTRUCTION OF CONTRACT; WARARANTIES; GAP FILLERS 2-301: General Obligations of Parties 2-302: Unconscionable Contract or Clause 2-305: Open Price Term 2-309: Absence of Specific Time Provisions; Notice of Termination 2-310: Open Time for Payment or Running of......

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Xxxxx TENDER NOTICE No.82 / APW / 18.04.2011. Sir, Sub:- Tender for the supply of wooden packing materials at our Irimpanam / Thiruvalla unit. Ref :- Tender No. 82 / APW / dtd 18.04.2011. Sealed tenders are invited in the prescribed form for regular supply of seasoned /soft wooden packing materials & iron materials to our factory at Irimpanam, Thripunithura and Chumathra, Thiruvalla on contract basis for the period from 15.05.2011 to 31.05.2012. Tender documents, drawings and annexure can be down loaded from our website. Due date and time for : 3.00 pm on 5.05.2011. submission of tenders. Date and Time for opening : 3.30 pm on 5.05.2011. of tenders. E M D : Rs. 25,000.00 Thanking you, Yours faithfully, For TRACO CABLE COMPANY Ltd. Sr. Manager (Materials) From, To, Sr. Manager (Materials), Traco Cable Company Limited, 4th Floor, KSHB Office Complex, Panampilly Nagar, Kochi -36. Dear sir, Sub: Tender for supply of wooden packing materials & iron......

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