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Q1. What are the different approaches to Globalization? Comment on relevance of Swadeshi movement in today’s Globalized environment.
Ans. Globalization has become a ‘magic’ word used to express a change in all areas of life from economy to politics or from social politics to culture. Globalization is the growing role of external factors (economic, social and cultural) in the reproduction of all member of a country to form of a single world market(s) without barriers.
'A global shift'; that is, a world being molded, by economic and technological forces, into a shared economic and political arena. Major phase in international relations, which has been established several decades ago, but its formation was not completed by the beginning of the third millennium. However, the public attention it attracted only in 1990.
Approaches towards Globalization
The Indian companies are adopting the following approaches to globalization-
The First Approach is the Reliance approach. Here the Indian company attains global parameters of production but its market focus is mainly domestic. E.g. Bajaj Auto, Hero Cycles, Maruti Udoy, BHEL, Mahindra & Mahindra.
The Second Approach is the Sundaram Fasteners route where an Indian Company emerges as a global sub-contractor. The Chennai based Sundaram Fasteners is now a major supplier of radiator to GM.
The Third Approach is the one personified by the Tata Tetley deal itself. Taking over foreign companies or investing in the foreign ventures. Like Airtel has taken over Telecom Zain Company in Africa.
The Fifth Approach is to get Indian affiliates of the MNCs like GE in India is emerging as the major supplier to its parent company. However, we are at a severe disadvantage at a manufacturing base in competition with China. This has to do with poor infrastructure and our neglect of time as key factor.
The Sixth Approach is in new…...

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