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The are some considerations that you will need to be aware of as your company is evolving into a fully integrated global company. Initially the first thing that should come to mind is your business plan. Going global will definitely impact that, and if you do not have a good strategic foundation, your business venture will most likely fail. That being said, marketing will play a huge roll in your venture's success (or failure). The company must realize that a specific marketing campaign that worked, say in Texas or in Georgia, will most likely not work in Japan. In the assigned reading, Schultz and Kitchen mention “no organization will 'achieve globalization' in marketing and marketing communication and be done with it. Instead managers will face continuing change, continuing response to customer needs, continuing challenges from competitors and technology, and continuing change and evolution in relationships and ways of doing business (Schultz & Kitchen, 2000).” A company will never have the perfect marketing plan. Markets are always in flux and marketers must be able to keep up. Going global will take some restructuring since now your company will be competing on a global scale and be dealing with global consumers. The company will have to change the marketing strategy to persuade new consumers to buy their product which will be an issue since they will have different customs and other sociological factors that will play into your marketing strategy. Furthermore, you could also have government intervention from the new country you are trying to get into which will also affect the strategy. This makes the restructuring of the plan difficult as it will be very time consuming by gathering the information needed for the countries/cultures you are trying to get into and just the associated costs of it all.

Lets say that we, a clothes company, decided to start...

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