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Google Pest Analysis

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Strategic Analysis
Google (GOOG)

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Josh Schumacher Charity Thomas Frieder Mack Jennifer Bell

“To organize the world’s information, and make it universally accessible and useful.”

1998 2000

September, Google opened its door in Menlo Park, CA.

Google officially became the world's largest search engine with its introduction of a billion-page index June 26, Google and Yahoo! announced a partnership that solidified the company's reputation — not just as a provider of great technology, but as a substantial business answering 18 million user queries every day.


August, Dr. Eric Schmidt joined Google as CEO


Google acquired Pyra Labs and became the home for Blogger, a leading provider of services for those inclined to share their thoughts with the world through online journals. July, Google acquired Picasa, a digital photo management company helps users to organize, manage and share their digital photos. October, Google acquired Keyhole, a digital and satellite image mapping company based in Google's own headquarter town, Mountain View, CA.



Google acquired web analytics firm Urchin Software.

Corporate Culture
“If we don’t have any of these mistakes we’re just not taking enough risks”.

“Crazy definitely triumphs comfy at Google”

Get Uncomfy: That means never settle into an equilibrium (a.k.a. "rut"), but don't fall apart either (a.k.a. the "chaos trap") Pace Yourself: The goal should be creating an internal rhythm, not just moving fast for the sake of speed.

Organizational Structure
Chairman & CEO Dr. Eric Schmidt President of Products Larry Page President of Technology Sergey Brin Senior VP of Business Operations Shona Brown 9378 employees as of Sep 30, 2006

Core Competencies
Google "people" and environment/culture People have to be extremely intelligent and usually have doctorates;

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