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* Answer all the questions write neatly and legibly QUESTION 1
MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS 1. The symbols for sodium, carbon and oxygen… a) S, C and W b) S, C and O c) Na, C and O d) NA, C and O 2. The positive loaded parts in an atom… a) Electrons b) Protons c) Neutrons d) Molecules 3. We define matter as anything… a) That we can feel b) That we can see c) That has mass and takes up space d) That has weight 4. The name for NH3 is… a) Ammonia b) Nitrogen Hydroxide c) Natrium Hydroxide d) Ammonium Carbonate 5. The characteristics of non-metals are: i. Good insulator against heat ii. They are all gases iii. They are good conductors of heat iv. They are not good conductors of heat (A) iii and i (B) i and iv (C) ii and iv (D) iii and ii

MATCH COLUMN A WITH B AND WRITE THE ANSWER IN C COLUMN A | COLUMN B | COLUMN C | 2.1 Vertical columns on the periodic table | A. Unbreakable | I | 2.2 Negative loaded parts that moves around the nucleus of an Atom | B. Sodium Chloride | D | 2.3 An example of a compound | C. Fe2O3 | J | 2.4 The formula for rust | D. Electrons | C | 2.5 Smallest parts/particles of matter | E. Elements | G | 2.6 A diatomic molecule | F. Noble gases | H | 2.7 Pure substance that cannot be broken down into smaller Substances | G. Atoms | E | 2.8 Atom | H. O2 | A | 2.9 Elements in group 18 | I. Groups | F | 2.10 Table Salt | J. Sulphur Dioxide | B | (10) QUESTION 5

Each element on the PERIODIC table has its own block; the name and SYMBOL are in the block. There are two numbers in the block, the smaller number in the...

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