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© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

Table of Content
Introduction Trick #1: Product Launch Crazy Money Making Machine Trick #2: CPA Crazy Money Making Machine Trick #3: Amazon Crazy Money Making Machine Trick #4: Buy Top Video Rankings dirt cheap

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© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

Welcome to the latest and most effective YouTube Special Report designed to show you how to use YouTube and how you can get the most out of it towards your online marketing success. The following YouTube Hot Marketing Tricks are used by the YouTube marketing masters to make the easiest money they have ever made online. You will have the chance to see exactly what to do and where to do it. YouTube is definitely the present and Future of Internet marketing. You don’t have to worry ever again about been slapped by Google with its unpredictable Zoo collection. Google owns YouTube, so, we are safe just for that reason. Compared to wild website ranking, YouTube ranking is much easier, you just need to know exactly what to do and the results will blow you away. In this report you will learn how to make the easiest money you will ever make over the Internet.

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© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

Trick #1: Product Launch Crazy Money Making Machine
Step 1: Research a product The first thing you must do is to search for a hot selling launch that will come in a week from now. is a really popular Launches announcement platform where you may find some great launches which are coming up very soon.

What I recommend for you to do is to check on products you know are going to convert by checking on other products they have already launched. You can do that in two ways. The first is by checking into the JV page area of the product about to launch:

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© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

Or secondly, by checking their name into the most used Launching Platforms online: and

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© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

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© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

Step 2: Create your Video There are several things you can do in order to create your video or what I like to call the: “YouTube Money Making Machine.” Let me give you 4 really cool ideas: 1. Record a Slideshow using a Screen Capture Recording Software with you talking. 2. Do a screen video capture recording by recording a website with you talking 3. Record yourself with you talking 4. Pay someone to do it for you. Option 1: Slideshow with you talking
 Microsoft Office PowerPoint: Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program for Windows and OS X. It is used to create slideshows, composed of text, graphics, and other objects, which can be displayed on-screen and shown by the presenter. They have the desktop version located right here and the online version located right here.  OpenOffice Impress: consists of a presentation program that comes with Apache OpenOffice (AOO) which is an open-source office productivity software suite. Impress is referred as an analogous to Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote. You can find your free copy right here.  Camtasia Studio: Camtasia Studio is a software application for creating video tutorials and presentations (screen video capture), published by TechSmith. This is just absolutely amazing; this is the one I use. Get access to your copy here.  Camstudio: CamStudio is a screen casting program for Microsoft Windows released as free software. It is a wonderful free option as well. Download your copy here.

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© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

Option 2: Website recording with you talking, this consists of you talking while you are browsing a website that perfectly fits your topic. For this we will use:  Camtasia  Camstudio Option 3: Record yourself with you talking which consists of you talking while you are recording yourself with a video cam recorder. For this we will use:  Camtasia  Camstudio Option 4: Pay someone to do it for you; well I think this is just self-explanatory. For this we will use:   Creating a video takes some time and skill, that’s why I prefer to trust on someone else that can do the job for me, so I advise you to take the video creation services that you see in option 4 for faster, cheaper and way better results.

Step 3: Optimize your Video

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© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

Now that we have our video ready, it’s time to upload it and optimize it for the search engines to grab it. The top 3 On-Page optimization factors for a video to rank are:  Title  Description  Tags Something extremely important here is to use the Product Name in every one of these components. You really need to be creative on this. Remember, you still need to compete with the other 9 titles at the top of Google; and the most attractive ones will get all the eyes and clicks of the searchers. So, in order to upload the video let’s click where says “Upload” and “select file.”

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© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

This is all for optimizing your videos. Now it’s time to launch our deep advertising activity for our YouTube URL to get it in the top spot as soon as possible. What you are going to see is something that a really low amount of people do with their YouTube videos.

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© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

Step 4: Rank your Video I just want to tell you that I love this step, because it really brings results. The days are gone where you had to create an endless amount of backlinks for your webpages in order to get them to rank at the top of the search engines. The days are gone where you had to be scared because you didn’t know what to expect from Google and its devastating Actualization Zoo. YouTube is the Future for quick top ranking achievements, as well as for high converting results, because Video is the Present and the Future. As I mentioned before, the top 7 Ranking Factors for a YouTube video are: 1. On Page Factors 2. Channel Authority 3. Date 4. Views 5. Likes 6. Comments 7. Backlinks On Page: We have already covered this factor in the last step. Here we mean that the keyword should be placed in the Title, in the Description and in the Tags. Channel Authority: Just like the home page of a webpage plays a highly important role for every page inside it to rank, the same applies for your YouTube channel. You will need to increase the authority of your channel by creating a lot of more relevant videos, getting new subscribers and creating backlinks to the general channel URL. But the most amazing software to skyrocket your Channel’s Authority is called: TubeToolBox.

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© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

TubeToolBox is the most powerful tool to boost your channel’s authority like magic. Just take a look and see for yourself clicking here. Date: On this one we can’t do much because we can’t change the date of our videos to make them older than our competitor’s video. Views, Likes and Comments: The views, likes and comments of the video are important indicators for your video to rank highly. There are ways to get this done easily and automatically, but remember to be natural and not crazy with it, less than 1,000 paid views will be ok. Let me show you three sources:,, and Backlinks: This will be the most important ranking activity you should be doing with your video and there are all kinds of great services to do it as well. Let me show you the top four recommended link building activities you should be focusing on the most: Social Adr, Bookmarking Demon, ScrapeBox, and SEnuke. Social Adr: This service is ready to provide you massive backlinks from social media sites. Social Adr is an automated service that gets pages promoted on hundreds of different accounts, at a natural pace, with virtually no work on your part. Bookmarking Demon: Get an unlimited supply of high PR backlinks and laser targeted traffic from major bookmarking sites... all done in minutes on autopilot. We advise you to get up to 2,000 bookmarks here. ScrapeBox: it is an amazing arsenal of all kinds of automatic backlinking sources in a single place. We advise you to get 20,000 trackbacks here. SEnuke: SEO automation at its finest. This is the service we will use to embed the video using the Web 2.0 backlinks.

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© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

Of course I’m not trying to make you buy every single one of these tools. They are just amazing, but you don’t need to buy them to start getting benefits from them. You can just ask people to run them in your behalf at

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© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

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© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

Finally, you will start watching top rankings like this in the same day:

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© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

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© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

Trick #2: CPA Crazy Money Making Machine
Step 1: Chose a high converting CPA offer First of all you need to pick a hot CPA offer. In this example I will use Let’s look for something free, easy to get and attractive like an iPhone, laptop, iPad, coupons, etc.

These types of offers convert great because people won’t have to buy anything. They just need to put down their email and that does it. As you can see, Social Traffic is allowed. That’s what we are looking for too.

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© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

Step 2: Pick a hot keyword The 3 most important components that you will need to find in a keyword are: 1. Online Interest 2. Buying activity 3. Weak Competition If you follow these 3 principles you will be ready to start creating your videos with the kind of golden keywords you will be finding. Let’s start looking for our first keyword that meets these criteria. 1. Online Interest: Google has provided us with a really great tool known as the Google Keyword Planner from Google AdWords, which is used to know exactly what people are looking for on and how many of them are using those same keywords in a monthly basis. Go to the Google Keyword Planner and login with your Gmail account (It’s free). Then click on “Search for keyword and ad group ideas”:

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© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

Place your Keyword, choose your preferences and click “get ideas.”

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© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

Click on “keyword ideas” and there you have a great list of keywords with a lot of monthly searches to pick from.

All of the keywords will be related to the keyword you have just entered. For this example I decided to use: free iPhone

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© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

2. Buying Activity:  Online Shopping malls: The greatest online shopping stores you can use to do your research are: Amazon, eBay, Walmart, BestBuy and ClickBank. I will use only for these examples:

Look at the number of reviews, it means people are spending money on it. I’m really sure many of them would like to get them for free.

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© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

 Adverting Data Advertisers pay an amount per click to Google, which will tell us how much they might be spending using this advertising platform. The higher the cost of those clicks the more money they pay and the more money they are making and that will define the high or low buying potential of a keyword.

Here you see some decent indicators about the online commerciality of this keyword exactly. “High” means that a lot of advertisers are using this same keyword in their ads and the “$2.20” means they are paying $2.20 per click (on average) to Google when someone clicks on that ad. (That’s a lot of money). 3. Weak Competition: Finally, it is great to know that people are crazy about your topic and it is a lot more awesome to know that people are actually spending money using those exact same keywords that identify your topic over the Web but, if you don’t position your message in front of the eyes of those buyers, then you will not make any money at all with those highly profitable keywords you have just found. You need to place your message, in this case your YouTube Video, in front of that desperate audience. And the only way is to be at the top of the search engines they use to search for what they are interested in. In this case:

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© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

 YouTube Presence First of all you need to make sure that Google’s Brain is already coded to place YouTube videos in the top of the search engines for your chosen keywords. That way you have a lot more changes to be there like others have done already. Just perform a normal search and check if there is any YouTube video at the top:

Page 23

© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

 Competitor’s Strength The top 7 factors for a YouTube video to rank in the top are: -On Page Factors -Channel Authority -Date -Views -Likes -Comments -Backlinks If your competitor is not using these 7 factors correctly you can take advantage of it, do a better job and take its position at the top. So, let’s see what our competitor is doing to build up its online strength. What you need to ask yourself on every single one of these factors is: Can I do it better?

Page 24

© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

-On Page Factors (easy to beat) -Channel Authority (it will need some work) -Date (brand new, easy to beat) -Views (easy to beat) -Likes (easy to beat) -Comments (absolutely easy to beat) -Backlinks

Well, it can be seen that this guy wants to rank this video quickly; you see how he concentrated his backlinking on a week and so it will take some smart optimization and progressive backlinking activities to outrank this guy-.

Page 25

© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

Step 3: Create your Video -Option 1: Slideshow with you talking  Microsoft Office PowerPoint: desktop version located right here and the online version located right here.  OpenOffice Impress: You can find your free copy right here.  Camtasia Studio: Get access to your Copy here.  Camstudio: Download your copy here. -Option 2: Website recording with you talking: Camtasia, Camstudio -Option 3: Record yourself with you talking: Camtasia, Camstudio -Option 4: Pay someone to do it for you:, Step 4: Optimize your Video  Title  Description  Tags Step 5: Rank your Video  TubeToolBox    Social Adr  Bookmarking Demon  ScrapeBox  SEnuke 

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© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

Trick #3: Amazon Crazy Money Making Machine
1. Search for a Hot Amazon Product: There is a really great section on Amazon where you may find the best selling products in every category.

Here you can pick any product of your choice, as all of them are hot selling and that’s very important so we can connect them to the exact audience that is waiting to see them and buy them. I like to go after the high priced products. Remember that expensive products don’t exist; you just need to advertise to the right audience.

Page 27

© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

716 reviews is a lot of people. The $1,000 price will bring us a really nice commission as well. Step 2: Pick a hot keyword Now let’s find the audience that perfectly fits this offer and that already knows these types of products are high priced. Go to the Google Keyword Planner and search:

Page 28

© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

Doing some research I decided to go after a really cool keyword:

This is a really cool example that shows you that you need to be creative and think about what people would type into the search engines. “Apple MacBook Pro Review” had only 590 searches a month. Because people already know that a MacBook is from Apple, they just avoid putting that word into their searches.

And here we find some brand new, weak and easy to rank videos as well.

Page 29

© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

Step 3: Create your Video On this one you may do something really cool as well. There are many models of MacBook Pros on Amazon, and on YouTube as well. What you need to do here is to convince the viewers that this version (Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL/A 13.3Inch Laptop) is the best option for them. The way you are going to do that is by creating the review by browsing and talking about the product directly in the product page. That will be like a magnet for the viewers to go to the page and check it for themselves by clicking onto the URL in the description box of your video.

Page 30

© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

-Option 1: Slideshow with you talking  Microsoft Office PowerPoint: desktop version located right here and the online version located right here.  OpenOffice Impress: You can find your free copy right here.  Camtasia Studio: Get access to your Copy here.  Camstudio: Download your copy here. -Option 2: Website recording with you talking: Camtasia, Camstudio -Option 3: Record yourself with you talking: Camtasia, Camstudio -Option 4: Pay someone to do it for you:, Step 4: Optimize your Video  Title  Description  Tags Step 5: Rank your Video  TubeToolBox    Social Adr  Bookmarking Demon  ScrapeBox  SEnuke 

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© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

Trick #4: Buy Top Video Rankings dirt cheap
This technique will make you crazy. What you will do here is to find highly viewed videos on YouTube and pay a fee to the owner of the video to place YOUR URL into the description box. Step 1: Search for a highly searched video of your choice.

Page 32

© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

Step 2: Find out if the video doesn’t have a link in the description box

Step 3: Contact the video owner and offer them a really good deal.

Step 4: Send him your payment and link Step 5: Wait to be amazed with the results.

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© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

For more ideas and step by step training have a look at:

YouTube Marketing Explosion Training System

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© YouTube Marketing Explosion 2013

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Harvard Reference Guide

...220–32. You should always check your unit guide and/or with academic staff (unit chair, lecturer or tutor) to make sure that this is the recommended style for your unit. Note that some units, courses and disciplines use variations of the style described here. You must reference all material you use from all sources and acknowledge your sources in the body of your paper each time you use a fact, a conclusion, an idea or a finding from someone’s work. This establishes the authority of your work and acknowledges the researchers and writers you have drawn upon in your paper. It is necessary to cite your sources each time you: • reproduce an author’s exact words (quote); that is, copy word for word directly from a text. Page numbers must be included in the in-text citation when quoting directly. • use your own wording (summarise or paraphrase) to explain or discuss what someone has said. Page numbers should be provided if the summarised or paraphrased material appears in specific pages or sections of a work. If you copy an entire table, chart, diagram or graph or if you take only some of the data contained in such sources, you must provide a reference. Sources such as journals, books, encyclopedias, computer programs and software, information from the internet, reports, newspapers, interviews, radio and television must be cited in the body of your paper and detailed in a reference list at the end. Information from Deakin study guides and readers must also be acknowledged.......

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Analysis - Nat Geo Website

... The website has a Root structure which can be explained by the following example. Eg. Under Enviornment >> Green Guide >> Green Living >> Green Household >> Vegans and Vegetarians >> The article ‘Side Effects of Becoming a Vegetarian’ Personalization A user can personalize their account by filling in personal details like creating a Username, specifying their Date of Birth, defining their Location, uploading a Profile Picture and a Description about themselves. Search The search feature is present on the top right corner of the site and has two categories that one can search from i.e. Site and Video. The search results are given as a list (site option) and as thumbnails (video option). However, the search results aren’t very accurate when one searches with keywords. Integration with External Services The Nat Geo site lets the user connect via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and iTunes. The connect icons for Facebook and Twitter are given just below the Search bar and the connect icons for all the aforementioned sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and iTunes) are given at the bottom of the sidebar. Users can connect to the Nat Geo site via their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and iTunes accounts. While users can connect with the Nat Geo’s Facebook and Twitter pages via their respective accounts for content, the YouTube connect will provide dedicated videos from the Nat Geo site and the iTunes account lets the Apple users download podcasts......

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Disturbing Behavior Paper Donaghue, Erin. "Christopher Lane Update: Aussie "thrill Kill" Victim Slain By Single Bullet, Medical Examiner Says." CBS Interactive Inc. Accessed September 5, 2013. http:/​/​​8301-504083_162-57600263-504083/​christopher-lane-update-aussie-thrill-kill-victim-slain-by-single-bullet-medical-examiner-says/. Jmersh. "Smoking Alcohol." YouTube. Accessed September 7, 2013. http:/​/​​KscCY7gJaQI. KING 5 News. "News: 'Smoking Alcohol' Could Be Deadly." KVUE Television, Inc. Accessed September 6, 2013. http:/​/​​news/​-Teens-smoking-alcohol-effects-could-be-deadly--222965441.html. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA). "Alcohol." The Partnership at Accessed September 6, 2013. http:/​/​​drug-guide/​alcohol. Sifferlin, Alexandra. "Smoking Alcohol: The Dangerous Way People Are Getting Drunk." Time Inc. Accessed September 6, 2013. http:/​/​​2013/​06/​05/​smoking-alcohol-the-dangerous-way-people-are-getting-drunk/. Skippy62able. "Dude Gets Drunk Without Drinking 1 Drop Of Alcohol." YouTube. Accessed September 7, 2013. http:/​/​​LQFmKPA-iAg. -------------------------------------------- [ 1 ]. Erin Donaghue, "Christopher Lane Update: Aussie "thrill Kill" Victim Slain By Single Bullet, Medical Examiner Says," CBS Interactive Inc, accessed September 5, 2013, http:/​/​​8301-504083_162-57600263-504083/​christopher-lane-update-aus...

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...Case Study 2B: Google Takes on the World (2) You should have a good feel for the Google organization after case 2A. We will extend the analysis in this case by adding some more in depth and up to date questions. You will need to do some research on the web to find answers for these questions. Each student is required to answer just one of the following questions. You will receive individual feedback on that question as a (very rough) guide as to how you are doing. Don’t forget to reference any claims that you assert or any another sources of information that you use. (Web journals might be useful information sources in this case.) 1. If Microsoft’s were to take over Yahoo, what likely impact might we see on Google’s business and its business model? Analyse it by starting with Porter’s competitive forces model and suggest how the model could inform Google’s defensive strategy. 2. How can Google extend its value chain by leveraging Web 2 concepts? (Hint: Allowing third party access to Google Maps is an example of creating mashups.) 3. What opportunities are there for Google in the mobile device market for its products and services? Apply Porter’s competitive forces model to Google in relation to the mobile market. 5.4. How successful do you think Google will be in the mobile market? Justify your argument. (Hint: Using references will make your argument stronger.) 4.5. Google recently purchased You Tube but You Tube contains a substantial amount of...

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