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Happy Thoughts Are the Secret to a Happy Life

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A lot of research has been done during the last decade to understand the role of positive thinking on health and death. Current studies revealed that stress can trigger irregular heart beats that can lead to sudden death. It is no mystery that stress causes a lot of issues. A new research has studied over 600 people with heart diseases. Their assignment was to complete a survey about their mood and overall attitude. The results were clear; people with the highest scores of happiness were more likely to exercise and were less likely to die during a five-year follow-up period.1 Thoughts are very powerful - the sooner we realize that the sooner we can start living the life of our dreams.

Is positive thinking enough to change a life? No, because there are two components of the mind that are very different from each other. There is the conscious mind and the sub-conscience mind. The conscious mind is our creative mind . The sub-conscious mind is equivalent to a tape recorder. It records experiences and plays it to us. The sub-conscious mind is more powerful because it has all the programs that are not always supporting us but that we believe in, which is the source of our problems. An example of a programing is driving a car. The person driving does not think about the techniques after a while. An automatic- behavior occurs. A program that is not serving us is the believe that we are controlled by our genes. We put ourselves in a position of a victim whereas the truth is that our mind can overcome almost any illness. Genes are just blueprints, the mind reads the genes thus we have the power to control how the mind reads the genes.

Typically people say they have good intentions but yet nothing seems to be right. Although, their conscious mind was positive they did not pay attention to the sub-conscience mind. In order to see results in a positive attitude, the...

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