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The KKK, the Nazis, Westboro Church and ISIS were all awful hate groups who used religion and racial or sexual prejudice to defend their actions. “Prominent religions worldwide preach many similar ideals, some of which include exhibiting kindness to others and living a peaceful life. Although these religions have vastly different teachings, they generally urge followers to be good and fair to one another. However, religious extremist groups claiming to adhere to certain religious ideals often distort the teachings of their faith in order to justify violent acts (Marisa Marstek).” The KKK is a racist group for segregation and black rights. The Nazis were during Hitler’s Germany, they tried to eliminate all Jewish people in the world by sending …show more content…
ISIS has been executing attacks on America and Europe with no viable cause. Before they attack they yell “allahu akbar” which means “Gods is the greatest.” God is the greatest, my religion is the truth, so therefore I can kill you? ISIS released this, “justifying” their actions.
1-“...all Mushrik (anyone who worship any other God other than Allah, which includes the Shias, Yazidis, the Kurds) can neither be granted amnesty nor be ransomed off. Quoting a passage from Surah Al-Anfal (The Spoils of War), it says: ”Punish them severely in order to disperse those who are behind them, so that they may learn a lesson."
2-“...the reason that a 'kufaar' (including Jews and Christians) has to be killed is that if they are not killed, they will later return and pose a threat to Islam.”
3-"...until and unless a prisoner says 'subhaanahu wa ta'ala,' a Muslim name for Allah, he can neither be shown generosity and freed without ransom nor be set free after paying a ransom.
4-“...amnesty and ransom are possible only after the killing of a large number. So if a captive was imprisoned after that, the Imam has a choice to kill him or (do) otherwise.”
5-“...the Imam or someone acting on his behalf can choose between killing, amnesty, ransom or enslaving the prisoner (Michael

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