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Healthy Life Skills

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Chapter 3 Review Questions 1. What aspects of a person’s life are included in mental health?: They have high self esteem and feel good about themselves, they are realistic and accept imperfections in themselves and others, they are altruistic; they help others, they have a sense of control over their lives and feel capable of meeting challenges and solving problems, they demonstrate social competence in their relationships with other people and they believe that they can rely on them, they are not overwhelmed by fear, love, or anger; they try to control irrational thoughts and levels of stress. They are optimistic; they maintain a positive outlook, they have a capacity for intimacy; they do not fear commitment, they are creative and appreciate creativity in others, they take reasonable risks in order to grow, they bounce back from adversity. 2. What are the six “virtues” identified in the text, and how are they defined? (1) Wisdom and knowledge: cognitive strengths that entail the acquisition and use of knowledge. (2) Courage: emotional strengths that involve the exercise of will to accomplish goals in the face of opposition, external or internal. (3) Humanity: interpersonal strengths that involve “tending and befriending” others. (4) Justice: civic strengths that underlie healthy community life. (5) Temperance: strengths that protect against excess. (6) Transcendence: strengths that forge connections to the larger universe and provide meaning. 3. What are some of the characteristics of a mentally healthy person, and why do you think they contribute to mental health? (1) Optimism: see problems as temporary and specific rather than permanent and general. When someone is optimistic about situations and looking for the good or blessing that could come from it, I think they are more mentally healthy than someone that harps on the negative aspects of...

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