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Here Comes the Sun

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Here Comes the Sun

The fastest growth area in global sun care in recent years is self-tanning products, which has been expanding. Unlike other sun care products, self-tanning is not subject to price discounting as it is still perceived as cosmetic, and thus premium product. Growth continues to be driven by new product launches, including launches from economical brands. Self-tanning is growing as it plays on two of the consumer's major concerns--vanity and health. The vanity aspect arrives from the increasing perception among consumers that having a tan is a sign of wellness/healthiness. Vanity may influence consumer spending. The peak time for self-tanning products remain in the spring and early summer, so people can develop their tan before the summer is in full force. While consumers see tanned individuals as being healthy, they also have become increasingly aware of the dangers of staying out in the sun too long, namely increasing the risk of developing skin cancer. Consumers are concerned about the health effects of exposure to the sun, as well as premature aging caused by wrinkling. Here Comes the Sun offers a money back guarantee, if the consumer doesn't like the effects the product provides. The company promises to promote a healthy sunless tanning solution for the health conscience consumers. There is no animal testing. All ingredients are natural. Self- tanning is an easy way to get a tan without the sun all year round. You no longer need to expose your skin to harsh rays of the sun. The product can match virtually any skin tone and will not leave irregular strips. Here Comes the Sun will not stain clothes. In fact, the technique creates an airbrush tan. The tanning solution is applied to the skin through the air compressor and applicator. The airbrush technique provides an even, golden, and/or sun-kissed, bronze glow. The primary characteristics of the Here Comes the Sun will be promoted as follows: the product is a fast absorbing formula providing a simple and easy tan; there is no need to massage or rub the product onto the skin vigorously; the ingredients in the product is all natural containing botanical extracts that heal, soothe, nourish and revitalize your skin, along with moisturizers to prevent drying of skin. Here comes the Sun does not flake or crack; fast and easy application; there are various shades of brown, light, medium, dark and very dark. The product is waterproof and perfect for the child in the beauty pageants or whatever event the consumer attends. The formula is super silky, not greasy and non-sticky. Here Comes the Sun branding strategy will consist of a strong and aggressive marketing campaign for the product during college spring breaks and Biker weekends. There will be displays setup in retail stores to include bikini/sports stores as well as outdoor vendors, setup along the beach. On the spot information can be given to consumers and an "in your face" demonstration can be performed. The company would become a sponsor for outdoor activities and events to increase public awareness of the sun's harmful ultra violet rays. By donating a percentage of the revenue to the Skin Cancer Foundation, it opens the doors for public awareness to young consumers as well as the mature consumers. Indoor ultraviolet (UV) tanners are 74 percent more likely to develop melanoma than those who have never tanned indoors. Additionally, the more time a person has spent tanning indoors, the higher the risk. Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer, killing approximately 8,650 Americans in 2009. “We hope that these findings, along with what we already know about the risks of indoor tanning, will keep people from using tanning beds. (Dr. Halpern, 2009)
There will be consumer education pamphlets that will accompany the product. Creating awareness of Here Comes the Sun will help develop brand loyal consumers by utilizing the postal system, samples and coupons can be sent out to the consumers. Product description and usage instructions will be sent out to the targeted areas to show the product's effectiveness and spark interest. A marketing concept will be created to package free samples to assist in the targeted areas. The samples can be given out at the dermatologist offices; makeup counters in department stores and day spas with a logo/slogan titled: "Here Comes the Sun, We Care." Here Comes the Sun fits within a product line and the depth and breadth of the line because we are manufacturing the product line to reduce any drying and color development, continue to eliminate orange skin and any streaking. The products are in production for development includes: the Instant Bronze Tinted Sunless Tanner and Quick Face Bronze Tint for the self-tanner. Sun protection will always be a continued additive for self-tanning with the different levels of SPF. Special facial wipes are currently being developed for minor touch ups if needed. In addition, the increased availability of self-tanning formulas in light and dark shades also allows for greater customer satisfaction with the product, as even the fair-skinned can obtain a natural looking tan. Additionally, the products offer a fresh clean scent that the consumers can appreciate. Our brand will have prestige which will serve as a major advantage when it comes to self-tanning, as consumers perceive premium self-tanning products to give a more natural look. Many consumers have traditionally associated lower priced brands as giving them an unnatural orange tone or finding they are not satisfied with the product, thinking you get what your pay for. Here comes the Sun is a product that provides a safe, reliable sunless tanning experience. The product and the target market strategies fit well with the organizational strategy because the main focus is on the consumer; consumers first, consumers last, consumers always. The needs and desires of the consumers are being met by the company. Marketing is in place to introduce the product and produce consumer awareness along with providing tips of the product's usage as well as health awareness. One of the organizational goals is to be available for nearly everyone. The consumer will have every opportunity to share in the total experience of Here Comes the Sun. Consumer loyalty and satisfaction is a must for the company’s longevity.
Self-tanning has many advantages over the traditional suntan. It is instant and the user can decide how much dark he/she should be. Tan lines are completely avoided with self- tanning products. Another advantage is that it is temporary as it last only for a week. Moreover, sunless tanning is completely safe. (Bainbridge, Ross, April 8, 2005 )


Allan C. Halpern, MD, MSc, Chief of the Dermatology Service at New York City’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Vice President, The Skin Cancer Foundation. Indoor-Tanning Increases Melanoma Risk by 74 Percent.”, 2009. Web. 2 Nov 2011 < Bainbridge, Ross. “Self-Tan.” 2011. Web. 2 Nov 2011 <>

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