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Sun, Moon and Stars End of Unit Assessment
Part A: Here are some multiple-choice questions. Make sure to READ THE QUESTIONS CAREFULLY! Please choose and then circle the appropriate answer for each question.

1. What is the sun made out of?

A. Dust and Rock
B. Wood and Plastic
C. Helium and Hydrogen
D. None of the Above

2. Where does the sun rise?

A. North
B. South
C. East
D. West

3. Where does the sun set?

A. North
B. South
C. East
D. West

4. How many phases does the moon have?

A. 8
B. 2
C. 5
D. 10

5. Which phase comes after the “Full Moon”?

A. First Quarter
B. Waxing Gibbous
C. New Moon
D. Waning Gibbous

6. About how many days does it take the moon to complete ALL the phases?

A. 12 days
B. 28 days
C. 25 days
D. 33 days

7. What is the moon made out of?

A. Dust, Rocks and Holes
B. Wood, Metal and Plastic
C. Gases, Helium and Hydrogen
D. None of the Above

8. How long does it take for the earth to orbit the sun?

A. 28 days
B. 400 days
C. 24 hours
D. 365 days

9. Which star is the closet to earth?

A. The Sun
B. The Moon
C. The Space ship
D. Pluto

10. What material can you use to observe things in the night sky?

A. Magnifying Glass
B. Roll of toilet paper
C. Your glasses on your eyes
D. Telescope

Part B: Here are some Short Answer response questions. Make sure to READ THE QUESTIONS CAREFULLY! Answer the following questions in FULL complete sentences. Flip each question into a statement followed by your response.

11. When the moon is in it “waxing” phase, where is the sunlight? Is it on the left side or the right side? Explain your answer with a detailed response.

12. Does the moon make its...

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