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Higher Level History Notes
19th Century Russia
The Russian people are descendants of the ‘Rus’ who are thought to be a mixture of
Scandinavian and Slavic origin and settled in that region out of ± 800 AD

Byzantine Empire
A major legacy of the Byzantine Empire for the Russians was the eastern orthodox or Greek
Orthodox Church
With the decline of Byzantium came a wave of conquest from the East, the Mongols until the
15th century (Tatars). To a large extent, the Mongols allowed Russians to maintain their way of life: -

Slavic based languages including writing system (Cyrillic)


Orthodox religion

The Russians adopted much from Asian culture and this led western Europeans to think less of the Russians
Geographically Russia was isolated from the rest of Europe:

Entirely land locked (mostly)


Huge Plains of Eastern Europe prevented overland travel

During these early years there were a series of muscovite princes based in Moscow and called themselves Tsars. By the 17th century the Romanov family became the ruling dynasty:

Alexander I (1801-1825)


Nicholas I (1825-1855)


Alexander II (1855-1881)


Alexander III (1881-1894)


Nicholas II (1894-1917)

Under the rule of Peter the Great (1689-1728) Russia grew greatly in size and entered the
European World

The Russia of 1800 was one of the greatest autocracies in Europe where:

The Tsar’s rule was absolute


There was a small, but powerful landowning elite


The vast majority of the population existed in a state called serfdom

Serfdom: refers to the legal and economic status of peasants (serf).
In Russia Serfdom practically equaled slavery

In 1646, landowners registered peasants living on their land. From then they are considered property of the estate.


Serfs could not leave the estates

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