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HMO vs. NHS HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) and NHS (National Healthcare Service) have been a controversial topic for many years. I watched a movie entitled, “Sicko.” It is a documentary that was written and directed by Michael Moore. The Documentary investigates the American health system and compares it to the National Healthcare Service in many other parts of the world. One of the countries that have socialized medical care sits directly above the United States. It is Canada. The horror stories I heard about the HMO has made me think twice about our health care system. Can we honestly say that we are doing everything we can to ensure all Americans (from the bottom of the totem pole to the very top) get the quality medical treatment they deserve? This movie has inspired me to compare the two and venture into the world of politics; a topic many individuals would astray from. All my information and resources are congregated from this very movie.
Approximately 250 million Americans have Medical Insurance. There are about 50 million Americans who do not have the luxury of being medically insured. 18,000 Americans will die of no insurance this very year. These are numbers that are hard to fathomed; even harder to grasp as only a statistic. These are not just numbers; they are actual Americans who have been wronged by our very own health care system, and died as a result. Let’s start from the beginning. How did the HMO start in the United States? Who were the “brains” behind this operation?
Feb 17, 1971 Richard Nixon and Edgar Kaiser came up with HMO plan. The Idea was to charge all Americans for health care and then deny coverage. This concocted idea of theirs fell into place exactly as they planned. As the years went by, more and more Americans were treated less and less for medical care. The HMO stocks were doubling. The HMO was profiting off of the

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