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In earlier days, a dinner at the restaurant was the most enjoyed family outing, almost like a picnic. These days, it has changed a lot. Your kid can probably tell the menu of the nearest food joint faster than he can spell the alphabet. It’s not just about the kids. The entire concept of eating out has gone to whole different level because of our busy lives.

Most families prefer to eat out as it saves a lot of work. But, in that process they forget the health risks they might be facing. So, you need to understand why a home cooked meal does more good than the quick meal at a restaurant nearby.

The things that go in

The reason a home cooked meal wins over the one from an eat-out is because of the good quality ingredients that go in. Firstly, you know where your produce comes from and you also can make sure that it’s completely clean and fresh.

At restaurants, the emphasis is on the taste and to make food taste better lot of other ingredients that go in. At home, the nutrition in your meal comes from using less oil, balancing spices and using moderate quantities of sugar thereby ensuring that what you eat not just tastes good but is good for your health as well.

Cooking at home also lets you experiment. Instead of going out to an Italian joint, you could try your hand out at making pasta or lasagna at home. That way you can enjoy a different cuisine cooked with nutritive ingredients instead.

The add-ons

While eating at home you don’t feel the urge to overeat or add a soda or shake with every meal. Nowadays, fast food joints not only offer you a greasy burger but also suggest soda and fries to go with it, which results in extras amounts of fat.

The time and money saved

Most importantly, eating out often proves to be very expensive. You need to spend time travelling to the restaurant, ordering and then wait to have a meal. You can put this time

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