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How Did George Washington Impact The World

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George Washington changed the world by becoming the first president of the United States of America. He served in the Revolutionary War, he was the general of the war. It lasted eight years where his army lacked food. He never gave up on his army.
In 1783 the British and the British Congress. They thought they needed someone to lead the United States so they chose George Washington to lead us. George Washington positively impacted the war because he was General of the Revolutionary War. He was born on February 22, 1732 at West Moreland County, Virginia. He was born into a mildly prosperous Virginia farm. He had false teeth that were made out of human and cow teeth and elephant ivory attached to a lead base.
He was the son of a rich farmer, also he was the oldest son of a family that has two sisters, three brothers. There were two older half brothers. His fathers name was Augustine His step-mothers name was Mary Bell. The real mothers name was Jane Butler Washington, his mother died of birth causes. Some of his favorite foods were foods are cream of peanut soup, with coconut.
His father died of a sudden illness when George was only eleven years old. His father gave parcel land to each land, but George did not get his till he turned 21 years old. His older brother Lawrence help raise George when his father died. When he …show more content…
The Revolutionary war lasted eight years, for much of the time his army and the British lacked food, clothing, and guns. Many of Washington’s troops did not have shoes, so their feet froze. He lost men do to the freezing temperature’s. The good thing is he did not give up on his soldiers. He asked the congress for better pay and supplies for his men. He was able to keep his army together. Year after year he struggled against the British army. He was able to win enough battles against the British to wear them down. In 1781 his army helped the French to defeat the British

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How Did George Washington Impact The World

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