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How Does Judas Present Jesus

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Before his trial and death, Jesus was arrested in Gethsemane after being betrayed by his disciple Judas. Judas lead a group of soldiers to Jesus where they arrested him, and Jesus’s disciples dispersed. The four Gospels give different pictures of what happened that relate to their themes, but they all point to the same meaning.
In Matthew, Judas identifies Jesus by saying “Hail, Master” before giving him the kiss of betrayal. Jesus then asks him “Friend, why are you here?” After one of his disciples attacks one of the soldier’s servants, Jesus stops him by trying to teach him that the scriptures (Old Testament) must be fulfilled. Matthew is meant to portray Jesus as the Messiah and Teacher. Jesus is the Messiah who is meant to fulfill the …show more content…
Jesus is portrayed as our savior in Mark. Having him heal the ear of the servant shows us his power as an end to pain and suffering.
In John, Judas does nothing to identify Jesus. The previous gospels have Judas kiss Jesus, but he doesn’t do this in John. Jesus does the job for him by identifying himself before the soldiers. He asks who they are looking for and they say that they are looking for Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus responds by saying “I am he.” John is meant to show Jesus’s divinity. This Gospel has Jesus talk about himself more than any other gospel. The different approach to his arrest shows that Jesus was not afraid to tell others on who he is.
The four gospels may give different accounts of Jesus’s arrest, but they are designed in a way that focuses on a theme about Jesus. As a reminder, each gospel was written towards a particular audience in mind. Matthew spoke to the Jews, Mark spoke to the Romans, Luke spoke to the Greek, and John wrote to everyone. Giving the gospels different audiences can help us understand the gospels through different perspectives. If we only used one of the gospels, it would be much harder to picture

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