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Huffman Trucking Virtual Organization


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Huffman Trucking Virtual Organization
Ms. Barbara M. Johnson
March 15, 2010
University of Phoenix
Professor Timothy Orme

* Dear Mr. McBride:

It is great to know you respect our professional approach to your company's needs. We wish to make your decision to go with our product solution the right choice. Your questions and concerns are welcome. What's the significance of the "programming language" to my business? What are your comments about what he said? I feel that your friend gave you great advice. When it comes to making a decision about the system or systems it is not a simple decision. While there are many things to consider, I would like you to consider the following: a) Types of Programming languages and what platforms they run on
b) Computer Hardware (Desktops & Servers) that support the program
c) Network equipment and services that support the software, computer software and business process
d) Technical Support
e) Cost Today the most successful integrated information systems are designed with portability and scalability in mind. Programming languages such as Java and C++ are extremely portable and run on all server platforms and compatible with all desktop computers systems. When thinking about the programming languages you also have to consider the type of support you will need. Integrated program solutions designed by vendors come in many sizes and service packages. As a startup company you can save by outsourcing IT services such as server administration support and network support. By purchasing software package that is an integrated solution can be beneficial in the sense that there would be no need to hire programmers to design and maintain the program package. As your business expands it may be necessary to make the adjustment in your company structure to accommodate the needs of your

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