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Human Resorces Practices

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Chapter 6 Human Resource Practices

Human Resource Paradigms
Old Thinking New Thinking
People are part of the process People design and improve processes

Process requires external control Workers who run the process control it

Managers have to control what people do Managers must obtain commitment of workers

Key Activities in HRM
• Determine organization’s HR needs to build a high-performance workplace
• Assist in design of work systems
• Recruit, select, train & develop, counsel, motivate, and reward employees
• Act as liaison with unions & government
• Handle other matters of employee well-being

Leading Practices
• Integrate HR plans with overall strategic objectives and action plans
• Design work and jobs to promote organizational learning, innovation, and flexibility
• Develop effective performance management systems, compensation, and reward and recognition approaches
• Promote cooperation and collaboration through Teamwork Empower individuals and teams to make decisions that affect quality and customer satisfaction
• Make extensive investments in training and education
• Maintain a work environment conducive to the well-being and growth of all employees
• Monitor extent and effectiveness of HR practices and measure employee satisfaction

Strategic Perspective
• HR plans should be linked to business strategy and aligned with business needs
• Key choices
– Planning
– Staffing
– Appraising
– Compensating
– Training and development

Designing High Performance
Work Systems
• Work design - how employees are organized in formal and informal units (departments, teams, etc.)
• Job design - responsibilities and tasks assigned to individuals

Work Design Issues
• Performer/job level: initiative and motivation
• Process level: cooperation and teamwork
• Organizational level: well-being; link to strategy

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