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Impact of Service Quality Costumer


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Impact of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction: Evidence from the Restaurant Industry in Pakistan
Ubedullah Amjad Ali Shaikh, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan ABSTRACT

The purpose of this study is to contribute to the literature of service quality importance in restaurant industry. The study has been based upon the Servqual technique and Dineserv tool of improving the quality by the service providing organizations. The study is undertaken from the perspective of Pakistani Restaurant Industry and the customers' perceptions vis-à-vis restaurant dining. Two variables of Servqual, i.e. Tangibles and Responsiveness, have been examined to demonstrate the impact of service quality on the industry. The results endorse the importance of enhanced complementary service standards in restaurant industry. Ultimately, the findings provide an insight for the Pakistani restaurant service providing establishments and suggestion have been made for the caretakers of the industry on ways to improve service quality.

The restaurant industry has evolved over the past few decades from merely a meals providing facility to an augmented combination of service associated features. These features are emphasized to satisfy the complementary needs of its customers. This notion of satisfaction is mainly attributed to the quality of service. Hence a lot of probing has been going on for the past few decades to rationalize and prove a direct relationship between the two. Many of theories and models have been established in this regard. Zeithaml, Parasuraman and Berry (1988) proposed an empirically derived method called Servqual to be used by service organizations to improve quality. This methodology was based around five key dimensions (1). All of the dimensions have significant impact of varying degrees on customer satisfaction. Several studies have been

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