Importance of Art in the Life of Man

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Importance of art in the life of people

Art is a vehicle with expression and communication of emotions and ideas in conjunction. The types of art are: fine art, performing art and others. Fine art is a kind of visual art considered to have been created primarily for aesthetic purposes and judged by its beauty and meaningfulness, especially painting, sculpture, drawing, watercolour, graphic and architecture. Conversely, performing art uses the artist’s body, face, and presence as a medium. The latter include; dance, drama, music, opera, theatre, magic, spoken word, circus arts and many such performed art.


Painting- fine art
It is a mode of expression which means it expresses spiritual motifs, feelings and ideas. Painting can be naturalistic and representational such as still life and landscape and it can also be photographic and abstract. Painting is one of the three romantic arts along with poetry and music for its symbolic, highly intellectual purpose. “The mona lisa” is one of the most recognisable artist painting in western world. So painting is meaningful in most people life.

Sculpture – is an important form of public art (fine art)
It is a three dimensional artwork created by shaping or combining hard material by the use of imagination. Sculpture is highly influential by its originality and genuineness which means it comes directly from the heart of the producer and reaches the heart of the consumer. A collection of sculpture in a garden may be referred to as a sculpture garden. Many sculptures seek new ways and material to make the art. For e.g. one of the most famous sculpture of Pablo Picasso was made of bicycle parts. So, we can say that, sculptures can be made of any solid material and is very delightful to the viewer.

Architecture – fine art
Architecture is described as the art and science of designing buildings and…...