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Individual Physical Security

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Individual Physical Security
SEC 410

LaShena Shields

Physical Security addresses actions to protect buildings, property and assets against intruders. When designing a physical security program, there are three levels that are needed to protect the outer perimeter, inner perimeter and the interior. Implementing two or three forms of security at each level will have an effective physical security system.
Companies can elect to use physical security as part of their contingency planning measures. Physical security measures will include perimeter boundaries, surveillance devices, secure entry points and identifications checks, and secure access for internal sensitive areas. The organization might decide to bring in a specialist response team to help with a variety of threats, whether industrial, medical or any security related incident. Regular security checks on locations and materials should be conducted to deter or identify breaches of security, and strong links with external agencies are useful to augment a company’s resources, as well as share risk. Some considerations related to physical security risk management measures follow (Deutsch). Physical perimeter boundaries is a clear delineation between public property and restricted locations is often required to isolated project areas. The use of fences, wire entanglements, concrete bollards, beams, signs and cleared land ( for observation purposes) ensures that private property is clearly identified and access by all but the most determined intruder is prevented or deterred. This method will avoid the accidental intrusion and provides a psychological barrier against intrusion (Deutsch). Surveillance has a wide selection of devices and detection systems to detect intruders on the market, from the trembler devices that register movement on a fence, to...

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