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Influence of Internet and E-Commerce in International Business


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Influence of Internet and E-commerce in international business


Commencing from 20th century, enormous use of Internet was witnesses in all the fields with a major impact on international business. Although the Internet and web 2.0 serve as improving trend of economy and business, there is negligible research done to advocate their impacts on international business and marketing (Urban, 2003). The present literature review essay is an attempt to address the gap of existing literature whereby necessary recommendations can be made to improve use of technology in business. For the purpose of this essay, extant literatures in the fields of international business, technology, science, marketing and e-commerce have been studied and reviewed.

Research objective:

To serve the purpose of the literature review, investigation of Internet and e-commerce over international business processes is performed with the primary research objective as the consequence of Internet on international business.

Research questions:

In order to study research objective, a set of research questions have been devised upon which a review is presented in the following essay. The research questions devised are:

• Influence of Internet in international business.

• Consequences of Internet on international entrepreneurship.

• Impact of web 2.0 on international business processes.

• Influence of e-commerce in international business

Literature study:

Influence of Internet in international business:

Detailed studies of literature suggest that even small business operations utilise Internet as active tool to coordinate their business functions. A study performed in 2007 on international business suggests that approximately 95 per cent of small scale businesses which have 20 to 29 employees within the organisation use

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