Information System Briefing

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Information System Briefing

Cyndi Pearl M. Auza
University of Phoenix, HCS 483 Health Care Information Systems
March 27, 2012
Mr. Robert Rupnow

The process to choose the right information system for our health organization starts with understanding the large investment this will be for our organization. An information system is not just the software application that fits the special technical needs of our organization. The driving force will be to choose the right information system for our health organization that meets our organization’s goals, as well as meeting the needs of our stakeholders. Some of those goals can include being able to provide fast, reliable, and complete accessible information for the patients, and consumers, as well as securing their privacy and confidentiality. This is why it will be critical to bring in all user groups in the system acquiring process in order to understand and balance the cost to benefits, as well as exploring all possible options within our organization.
The first step to selecting and acquiring an information system for our health care organization will be to acquire a project steering committee. This committee will be the folks who will coordinate, plan, manage, and organize the system acquisition process. And the lead individual to manage the operations will be just as critical to making the project a success. Our project team should involve about five to six strong individuals who are representatives from key groups within our organization. These individuals should also be folks who will be directly using the information system we eventually choose, or those that are affected by it. Choosing the right people is the very foundational key to success here. A championship team will make or break us.
After the project committee has been secured, our organization will need to “clarify the charge to the committee…...